Joc Pederson’s Dodgers fan accidentally stings

Instead of just celebrating a Super Bowl victory about City of Heroes at City of Champions, Los Angeles Dodgers fans have been forced to defend their 2020 World Championship title all over again.

Remember, in bubble time, when the Lakers and Dodgers picked up episodes a few weeks apart, something we’d do. at all Never see again (waiting for another pandemic that shrouds the NBA schedule beyond recognition)?

it was amazing! And for everyone’s safety, we couldn’t legally gather to celebrate in the streets with hundreds of thousands of other fans (although many fans did so in a disorganized fashion).

And then…Most of us moved. It kind of felt weird that the title lacks a healing moment, and all too often, a columnist assumes the two teams should share a parade when things get safer, but no one in authority puts forward a concrete plan.

…until the Rams won the Super Bowl on Sunday, and power broker LeBron James got the conversation going again, along with Justin Turner. could Is this actually happening? Was there a world where he is Will be? Or will this eventually lead to another load of ironic Mickey Mouse quirks that Dodgers fans never asked for?

Former Dodgers star Jock Pederson made us sad by featuring him in the World Series.

Unfortunately, the latter. clearly the last one.

Rival fans, lacking tact, blasted the 2020 champions for making them more title refreshers. they. Competitors on the field, such as Braves’ slackened Tyler Matzek, gave up on the chase; He called Bubble’s titles fake before he backtracked, and said it’s simply been too long since they’ve gone away for the celebration to make sense.

Even local columnists took pictures, with Bill undoubtedly recommending that the king retreat.

Sadly, Dodgers fans have also been led astray by beloved former Los Angeles quarterback Jock Pederson, who was just trying to help.

Pedersen, who agreed with LeBron wholeheartedly, explained how Amazing His parade was in the Braves last fall, and he talked about how Los Angeles really “missed” the similar experience they had.

He was trying to be nice. to a path It was.

But, nevertheless, Pederson’s good wishes served only to remind the city of Los Angeles of what was owed to them, and of what they would never return to.

Because public sentiment – even on a local level – doesn’t seem to be in their corner. Could there be a stray cameo in the Rams’ parade of Dodgers star in the middle of lockdown? It could theoretically have happened.

But it won’t be the same, and anyone who tries will do it Start Capture the zeitgeist moment of 2020, when everything was wrong in the world except for the Dodgers and the Lakers.

The late slug is right. We really missed – the past tense.