Josh Donaldson’s win gives Yankees victory over Red Sox

The Yankees didn’t get what they wanted before the game on Friday, when they failed to sign Aaron Judge for a long-term extension before the opening day deadline.

Despite this, they achieved a dramatic victory over the Red Sox on the field to start the season when Josh Donaldson recorded a single that capped the title of ghost sprinter Isaiah Keener Valiva for a 6-5, 11 game win at Yankee Stadium.

Michael King set a perfect top in 11th before Kiner-Falefa came on as the ghost runner. Donaldson, facing right-hander Cotter Crawford, who was playing in just the second game of his MLB Major League career, picked a center position to lead the bottom 11th, driving at Keener-Valeva and giving the Yankees a win on his debut. with the team. Franchise business.

General Manager Brian Cashman announced before the game that the Yankees and Judge were unable to reach terms on a long-term extension and that the star right would go to arbitration. Then, the Yankees fell 3-0 to a crowd of 46,097 losing fans when Gerrit Cole was beaten by the Red Sox for three runs at the top of the first.

Josh Donaldson celebrates his hit song.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post
Josh Donaldson is attacked by his teammates after successfully winning the game.
Josh Donaldson is attacked by his teammates after successfully winning the game.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

The Yankees champion walked Kik√© Hernandez on four pitches to lead the game, then was allowed a second-half lead down the right by Rafael Devers to put the Yankees in an early hole. This was Cole’s fourth Homer Devers in 20 careers at bat.

Xander Bogaerts followed him with the laser from the left wall for a long time. He scored twice from JD Martinez to the right, causing the stadium crowd to boo as the Yankees fell back, 3-0.

Cole finally got his first out of the game after a comeback from Alex Verdugo, sparking mock cheer. He finished the inning and ended up letting those three runs into a four-stroke outing before removing it after 68 throws.

It was another bad outing for Cole against the Red Sox. He was also dealt a heavy blow last year in the wild cards game in Boston, when he didn’t score a goal in the third inning before coming out of the Yankees’ defeat at the end of the season.

The Yankees returned to the game at the bottom of the first half, when goalkeeper Anthony Rizzo fired a two-run to the right of center off Nathan Evaldi after he singled out Judge by one.

Giancarlo Stanton tied 3-3 with Homer trailing in fourth.

Chad Green replaced Cole and threw 5-0 before the Yankees nearly advanced at the bottom of the half.

DJ LeMahieu hits a singles home run to tie the game in the eighth inning.
DJ LeMahieu hits a singles run at home to tie the match in the eighth inning.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

Donaldson drove by one song and moved into second when Rizzo was drilled to the wrist by a fast 97-mph ball from Ivaldi. Hitting Stanton, however, DJ LeMahieu’s liner to the left was caught by a Verdugo dive.

Clay Holmes came in to start sixth and immediately allowed a double down the streak to Bogarts.

Bogarts moved up to third with a defender pushed into second by Martinez and scored in Verdugo’s singles through the pitch to give the Red Sox the lead once again.

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge and the Yankees were unable to come to an agreement on a contract before the match.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

Holmes was snatched after a single performed by Bobby Dalbeck. Miguel Castro walked in and Jackie Bradley Jr. walked in before hitting Cristian Vazquez to finish the run.

LeMahieu tied for bottom eighth with Homer to the right of center of former Yankees team prospect Garrett Whitlock.

Aroldis Chapman retired from the side in the standings at the top of the ninth place.

The Bogaerts hit an RBI single that put the Tour Red Sox in the top 10 before a knockout fly of Gleyber Torres tied the score.