Josh Greene still has a chance

Season under review

Josh Green came into the season in desperate need of improvement in a disappointing rookie season. He did, but there is still plenty of room for improvement in the future. Green was formulated to grow into a “3D” winger who could fit in incredibly well with Luka Doncic. Both shooting and defending were purely theoretical in the junior season. They showed flashes of realization in the second year.

The most significant sign of Green’s improvement is that he was able to play more than twice as many minutes. He played just 445 minutes in the junior season and improved that to 1,039 this season. The biggest change that allowed this to happen was that he improved his shot by 3 points from 4 from 25 to 28 out of 78. That’s an improvement from 16 per cent to 35.9 per cent. He used that extra time to improve his points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks in his game averages.

best game

Since Green spanned two games that surpassed everything else he did and those games were very similar, I’m going to cheat and use both of those games. Over the course of two games against the Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls, he averaged 17.5 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 1.5 assists per game. He shot 14 of the silly 17 from the field including making all of the triples. This resulted in a real shoot-out rate of 89.1%.

Contract status

Green plays in the club’s first two options next season. He’ll get $3,098,400 this season with a club option for $4,765,339 in 2023-24. Unless it is being traded, this option will be chosen. He then has a qualifying offer of $6,762,016 for 2024-2025 to become a restricted free agent.

I look ahead

How will the jump shot come out? The green is less than his sum of physical talents defensively, but that will almost certainly improve as he becomes more accustomed to the league. Crossing will be the skill that determines his future. After the All-Star break, Green shot 41 percent of three on a sample of 17 games. This seemed to bode well for his future but then his jump jacket let him down during qualifying.

He made 5 out of 22 threes overall and 2 of 17 outs as exceptional performances in Game 3 against the Utah Jazz. He lost his spin-off spot during the series against the Phoenix Suns and never really got it back. The Mavericks are a competitive team now and they need the green to do a quantum lap this off season.

Grade: C-

While a C can be disappointing in school, C means average. Green showed enough flashes during his second season to deserve more minutes this coming season. Unfortunately, his internal breakdown prevents this degree from being higher and earns him minus.