Josh Jong Might Need Shoulder Surgery

February 21: Jung is expected to receive additional opinions this week, writes Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News, who adds ominously that the injury may eventually require surgery.

February 18: Rangers closed a third possibility base Josh Jong After straining his left shoulder, the team reported to reporters (including Levi Weaver from Athletic). He sustained an injury while lifting weights recently as part of his pre-season training programme.

Texas has not announced a timetable for his return. He is due to undergo further evaluation next week, and the injury is likely to be a minor relapse. If the issue were to affect his preparation for the start of the season, it could delay his big debut in the league. Jung is widely expected to hit the big companies this year after splitting the 2021 campaign between Double-A Frisco and Triple-A Round Rock. He passed both stops, hitting .308/.366/.544 in Double-A before improving to .348/.436/.652 appearing at the upper level of the Palace.

Those numbers may have been inflated by a touch by a smaller sample, as he was limited to 342 cumulative plate appearances after a stress fracture in his foot delayed his appearance in the season until mid-June. However, the right-handed hitter impressed enough in the last few months of the summer to establish himself among the top prospects in the game. 8th overall pick in 2019 from Texas Tech (where he was his brother jess Currently), Jung always hits when he’s healthy. Baseball America ranked him in the top 30 potential for the game this winter, writing that his hitting/power combination gives him a chance to be a mid-ranking striker.

Jung isn’t a super hot corner defender, but raters generally think he could be anywhere from service to strong out there. Between those glowing survey reviews and his high performance for the Palace, it looks like the 24-year-old will get a daily crack at Arlington sometime in the near future. Jung’s looming arrival – along with his free agent spending spree that has landed Marcus Simin And the Cory Seeger – has contributed to some speculation that Texans could turn them into a rebel Isaiah Keener Valiva Available in trade after close.

Without a specific timeline on Jung, it’s too early to tell if his injury will affect the front office’s plans when the transaction freeze ends. It’s also clear that it’s not clear exactly when the MLB season will start. (Jung is not on the 40-man list, so he’s not subject to shutdown.) Even if the injury persists beyond the scheduled start date of the Major League season, the shutdown will likely last long enough that the injury does not affect his MLB schedule anyway. Much about the situation remains uncertain, but the Rangers character is playing things off very carefully with one of the organization’s most talented young players.