Junior League Spring Camp starts

The Pittsburgh Pirates major league roster may not be in operation for some time. However, their prospects for spring training had reached.

The shutdown has been in place for about 3 months now, and the parties are making slow progress on the new capacity building agreement. With that being said, there is really no definitive prediction or location for the current state of Major League Baseball. The shutdown could end this week or next, or in a month, no one really knows. So what’s in store for the Pittsburgh Pirates going forward?

Now it is unlikely that the owner’s closure of the players will last much longer. Time is money at this point, if they don’t have a deal by the end of this week, regular season matches can be left out. No owner or player wants to lose the money they can collect in those games.

On the other side of baseball, things are different. Minor League players, who are not part of the MLB Players Association, will have a season. Last week, I wrote about this and sure enough, spring training for junior league players has begun.

This is good news with a smaller capacity as at least some baseball is starting to come out. There will be events, stories and a little more coverage given to prospects at camp, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Then, a lot of potential players are the players we’ve been asked to keep an eye on because they could be part of the future of the big league team.

So far, players like Cody Bolton, Quinn Prester, Bubba Chandler, Henry Davis, Nick Gonzalez, and Anthony Solometo have appeared with members of the media. There are obviously more players out there, but there are definitely points of interest for the Minor League camp.

Pittsburgh Pirates potentially Nick Gonzalez by Alex Stumpf of dkpittsburghsports.com

Pittsburgh Pirates prediction Anthony Solometo sits with Jason McKee

Alex Stumpf always posts action videos in Florida. It’s great to see some clips about potential customers repeating. The same could be said for Maki who will be sitting down with different prospects over the next month or so.

Make sure if you have Twitter you follow both Jason Mackey and Alex Stumpf. Both, along with other members of the media, are in Bradenton for the foreseeable future. They put in a lot of hard work and come out with great things surrounding the Pittsburgh Pirates. To keep up with all things happening at the mini leagues, keep checking back here for updates on the events in Bradenton.