Just in time for MLB Opening Day this weekend, HungryTickets.com drops 6000 NFTs themed HungryTickets Houndz

Each NFT offers lifetime and commission-free deals at HungryTickets.com – a different kind of ticket exchange and resale company, where buyers set their price.

New YorkAnd April 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HungryTickets.com celebrated MLB Opening Day weekend by revealing an amazing selection of limited edition “HungryTickets Houndz” NFTs it has drawn Rich Muira DenverSelf-employed artist and cartoonist. HungryTickets Houndz is a whimsical take on the major baseball teams, making players like cartoon hounds ready to take to the field. With teams like the Bronx Boxers and LA Doggies, HungryTickets Houndz is a unique collection of digital art that can be proudly displayed in a crypto wallet.

“We released HungryTickets Houndz to celebrate our upcoming launch,” said Founder and CEO of HungryTickets.com, Tommy Lee. “We absolutely love the art of baseball and digital coding – so mixing the two makes sense for us. Each NFT comes with special HungryTickets.com benefits, such as free admission to all future HungryTickets Houndz events sponsored by Red Cup Kegger Lounge Socials in select cities. And the best All in all, these NFTs serve as a lifetime digital membership card for our upcoming platform and app — ensuring years of convenient commission-free deals.”

“We will announce the official launch soon,” he told me. “And we can’t wait to show off our platform. What we put together is a completely new concept in ticket resale unlike anything the world has ever seen. It will rapidly change the event ticket reselling industry – giving the power to return to buyers and sellers. But for now, we just wanted To say hi – and celebrate the annual arrival of the Games of America with some great artwork.”

Each HungryTickets Houndz NFT is priced at 0.07 ETH, completely limited to 6000, and includes full ownership with unlimited full trading rights. All HungryTickets Houndz NFTs are registered on the Ethereum blockchain and fully synced with the OpenSea.io platform for selling or trading purposes.

For more information on the HungryTickets.com NFT group, please visit www.HungryTicketsHoundz.com.

About HungryTickets.com

HungryTickets are a different kind of ticket exchange and reselling company. HungryTickets allow buyers to set their prices while allowing sellers to choose the deals they want – creating a smart marketplace instead of the old “take or leave” methods of the past. HungryTickets provides a 100% anonymous, secure and legal digital platform where buyers can find the event they want to attend and then bid on the desired sections where they want to be seated.

Sellers with tickets available can bid on those seats and may accept a cash-backed offer anonymously. To increase sales volume, the identities of all sellers are hidden. There is no obligation until the sale takes place, and buyers and sellers can leave at any time before the sale becomes final, at no cost. All funds are held in escrow until sales are completed; All sales are final; And all sales are guaranteed by HungryTickets.

No more tricks. No more “take it or leave it”. Just a smart marketplace where tickets are bought and sold, as the internet marketplace intended. In HungryTickets, buyers have a vote and sellers have a choice. Learn more at: www.HungryTickets.com.

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