Kenny Beckett praises leadership in the building: It’s just a great place to work

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie QB Kenny Pickett has had an idea of ​​what life could be like as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, having set up shop across the hall across from the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex as the Pitt Panthers quarterback for the past five years. However, having been formally drafted into the first round by the Steelers this spring and immersed in the culture and daily activities across the block, Beckett is clearly aware of the top-down leadership model the team has.

Appear in Pat McAfee Show As a guest Tuesday, McAfee asked Beckett specifically about the importance of leadership as it relates to the Pittsburgh Steelers. When asked if any of the Steelers’ older players on the team or years past who are now alumni of the team had reached out to him and his thoughts on the organization as a whole, Beckett had a list of names ready to go.

“You can see why they’ve been so successful over the years,” Beckett said. Interview with retired NFL gambler and media personality Pat McAfee Pat McAfee Show Tuesday. “Just really, it starts from the top to the bottom with Kevin [Colbert] And coach Tomlin and how they run the building and it flows from there. But you know, I’m next to Cam Hayward, and Conor Hayward, his younger brother is next to him. So, we’re kind of in that little corner. I spoke to Ryan Shazier. Cam Sutton was great. Obviously TJ [Watt] and Minka Fitzpatrick. I listen to all these guys.”

Whoever decided to put Beckett’s closet next to Cam Heyward’s closet, you are a wise and wise man. Heyward now stands to be the top statesman on the team now that Ben Roethlisberger is retired, and he’s likely to be the vocal leader many on the team will turn to for a sense of direction. Placing Beckett figuratively and literally in Cam’s corner cannot be underestimated as a potential means of mentorship, much like how Mike Tomlin went about having Cam mentor Nagy Harris. The way Tomlin sees it, Ben was able to mentor Cam for the role he now plays on the team, and now Cam can do the same for both Nagy and Beckett with the hope of becoming team leaders in the future.

Beckett spoke with Shazier who was an active presence with the team after a horrific spinal injury abruptly ended his NFL career, which is also great, as Shazier has invaluable wisdom and insight to share. TJ Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick are two obvious names as mentioned by Pickett and are models of leadership, with both players stating that they want to take on a more leadership role on the team this season. However, some Steelers fans may not realize the role that Cam Sutton plays on the team as a boisterous, energetic character who can light up a room the way he carries himself. Now heading into his sixth season with the Steelers, Sutton is another guy who knows the role of things.

When it comes to how players and staff treat each other on the premises, Beckett reiterated the often asked topic of how the Steelers create a family atmosphere that you want to be a part of.

“When you walk into this building they kind of treat you like you should be treated like a teammate and they are always looking forward to help and you can see why they have been so successful over the years. So, it’s just such a great place to work. And every time I walk in, I feel so happy to be there. And you can tell everyone is excited to go to work and want to be there. They don’t have to be there. I think there’s a huge difference in that. So, everything looks as it should. I feel like I’m on the NFL team, and I’m excited to be a part of it and kind of than helping chase more greatness for us.”

You don’t want to have your future quarterback the franchisee who dreads going to work every day. For a lot of teams choosing a top midfielder in the draft that have no firm basis around them in terms of coach influence, player leadership or support from the owner, this can often be the case as the pressures of production at the highest level in the sport fall on the shoulders of a young caller. So far for Beckett, this may be far from the truth when it comes to Pittsburgh. A team of stability, tradition, and commitment to winning over decades is the perfect place to bring and raise a young quarterback to try and succeed at the NFL level.

As Tomlin often says, “The standard is the standard.” Beckett quickly realized this in the short time he had spent in the wing opposite the building he had called home for the past five years, and seemed to run with him. The benchmark is the Super Bowl for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Kenny Beckett appears poised and poised to do his part in trying to add to the trophy case rich with the history and leadership of all his predecessors.