Kevin Spacey is asking the judge to remove Anthony Rapp’s sexual abuse suit

NEW YORK (AP) – Actor Kevin Spacey asked a judge on Friday to drop the sexual abuse case of actor Anthony Rapp, saying through his lawyers that the accusations that he was then abusing teenager Rapp at a party in the 1980s are false .

Lawyers have written in documents filed in federal court in Manhattan that the alleged events described by Rapp never took place. Rapp appeared on Broadway’s Rent and Star Trek: Discovery on TV.

In his lawsuit, he allegedly went to a party in 1986 at Spacey’s home in Manhattan, where a 26-year-old man, Spacey, without Rapp’s consent, “engaged in a sexual advance” by catching him. Rapp’s buttocks and lifting him onto a bed and stretching him out. on his body. Rapp claimed that he was “forced to break free” before leaving the party.

Spacey’s lawyers have argued that the alleged meeting cannot be classified as sexual abuse under New York law, as the only alleged contact with a “intimate” part of Spacey’s body was when his hand crushed Rapp’s buttocks. 14 years old, when the older actor chose him. up. Lawyers said Rapp “writhed” without any resistance during a meeting of less than 30 seconds.

There was no other evidence to suggest that a transient contact between Spacey’s hand and Rapp’s buttocks was for the purpose of sexual satisfaction or to degrade or abuse Rapp, the lawyers wrote.

The lack of evidence means that Rapp’s claims for aggression, aggression and intentional provocation of emotional distress must fail, lawyers said.

They said Spacey “categorically denies” that anything Rapp described happened.

Rapp’s lawyers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

When Rapp first spoke publicly about his statement in 2017, others made it public, and Spacey’s celebrated career ended abruptly. At that moment, Spacey issued a statement saying he did not remember the meeting, but apologized.

Spacey won an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in “American Beauty,” a 1999 film starring a frustrated suburban father who lusts after his daughter’s best friend.

In recent cases, Rapp’s lawyers have asked to take the case to state court, saying that Spacey cannot prove that he lived in Maryland and that he qualifies for the diversity of citizenship required to remain in federal court.

In fact, they say, he has been living in London for the most part since 2003.

They said he only lived in Maryland when he played his Emmy-winning role in House of Cards from 2014 to 2017. He was fired from the show in the days after Rapp went public and former workers claimed that Spacey made the production a “toxic” job and a former employee claimed that the actor sexually assaulted him.

In November, an arbitrator said that Spacey and its production companies would have to pay the studio behind the political thriller Netflix $ 31 million due to the losses suffered after his dismissal.

Spacey challenged the decision in a panel of three more private arbitrators, who settled for the plaintiffs, making the decision final and public.

In 2019, a criminal case against him, an indecent attack and a battery charge resulting from the alleged groping of an 18-year-old man in a resort in Nantucket, was rejected by Massachusetts prosecutors.