Kyrie Irving massacred: “sabotages all his teams”

Kyrie Irving has plenty of detractors and some aren’t afraid to shake him off. Recently, a league analyst blasted Uncle Drew, criticizing him for his attitude … and accusing him of jeopardizing the results of his people wherever he goes.

Not playing much (17 games in 2021-22), Kyrie Irving he puts on a show every time he steps on a major league floor. With 27 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists on average in addition to excellent shooting percentages (49% shooting including 43% from distance), the Nets’ leader is simply unstoppable on the court. We saw him recently against the Magic, who were beaten by him with a 60-point performance, taking the franchise record in passing.

Inevitably, there was a lot of praise for him after this huge success, especially from his peers who highly respect him. However, this is a little less the case on the side of the observers who have serious problems with his behavior. analyst of ESPNTim Bontemps is one of them and he decided to put his feet on the plate in Brian Windhorst’s podcast. The journalist did not go overboard by crucifying the 2016 champion:

Kyrie Irving shattered by his attitude

People act like the Kyrie player. Stephen Curry. I really do not understand. The guy was never voted MVP, he was never voted to the All-NBA First Team. He was All-NBA second team once. He made the All-NBA team 3 times in his career. And he’s still hurt. He hit one of the best shots in playoff history, hands down. He is also an incredibly talented goalscorer.

But he also sabotaged the Brooklyn team this year. He sabotaged the 2019 Celtics. The first three years with the Cavs were a total disaster. His career was saved by lebron, who decided to show himself in his team. But people act like I’m Stephen Curry or kevin during. As if he was on the same level as Kevin Durant.

Admittedly, as talented as he is, Uncle Drew also has a reputation that’s anything but nice. However, among the most talented ball players in history, he angered many after his refusal to be immune to covid-19. Because of that, he still can’t play at home due to New York City restrictions. However, if the Nets went to the playoffs, it would be important since they would miss a large part of each playoff series…

Tim Bontemps didn’t mince words regarding Kyrie Irving, and we imagine a lot of fans must share his opinion by now. It is not tomorrow the day before yesterday that the leader will be unanimous in the NBA…