Latest Conversation About Mitchell Robinson’s Contract

Mark Stein wrote in his newsletter that New York Knicks Close to re-signing unrestricted free agent Mitchell Robinson: “Monday night also gave the strongest rumble I’ve heard so far that a new, multi-year deal to keep Mitchell Robinson in New York loomed.” (The article behind the paywall.)

Ian Bigley You also mentioned that it’s very likely that a deal will be struck with Robinson.

on Saturday, Begley Yom hosted Draft class at Knicks Film School Dish podcast about Nicks and Robinson. Bigley male Detroit Interested in Mitch, he said, “There are two more contenders, depending on how things turn Rudy Gobertwhere you can see them come after Mitchell Robinson.”

“I think it will play itself out based on the positions ahead of Mitch in the market. At the end of the day, I suppose the money will be in a place where the Knicks end up getting him back. I know the people there appreciate him by the way he affects the defensive end. Obviously Tom Tebodeau. Defensive coach.

Unless Detroit drops a $20 million bag against the 7’1-inch Cajun, Begley thinks Mitch will re-sign with New York.

“If Mitch goes elsewhere, I think it will be a signing and a trade where the Knicks get something or as part of a deal where the Knicks need to create space or create money to bring the player back via trade,” Bigley said.

“I don’t think Knicks would hesitate to bring in someone like him Isaiah Hartenstein or Mo Bamba Where you’ll have what they’ve had over the past two years, where Mitchell Robinson and Nerlence Noelwhen you are healthy…come and protect the edge.”

Bigley reported today, “My reading of Robinson and the Knicks at the moment is that the club will feel comfortable matching an offer that is near the mid-level exception (expected to be $44.5 million over four years).”

He added, “Also, if the Knicks need to cash out the salary to sign Galen Bronson or Keri Irving or trade Donovan Mitchell (I see all scenarios as unlikely at the moment), they may need to include Robinson as a local to the trade.”

In other Begley news, Reported that the Knicks contacted the Pistons About trading for their fifth selection in the upcoming draft. “Cam ReddishA name appeared in the conversation and would fit into the Detroit schedule.”

Sure enough, Robinson’s name came up in the discussion.

while,’s Ellie Becht quotes an anonymous NBA executive Who thinks the Knicks might be interested in trading Robinson for Charlotte Hornet Terry Roser.

Rozier, the 6’1-inch point guard who averaged 19.3 points, 4.3 boards and 4.5 dimes last season, has a four-year contract worth $96.2 million.

“There is still interest in Terry Roser,” the CEO said. “He played well in his role there obviously but the Hornets want to give LaMelo the ball more, let him run the whole show and get the chops feeding him. He’s ready for that. They want a better defensive presence, a 3D guy next to him, so there’s a chance to move with him.”

“The Hornets want a big guy so badly, the Knicks could sign Mitchell Robinson,” the CEO said. “That’s the best deal for both sides, really.”

No thank you! My intuition says Leon Rose & Co are more interested in bringing in a more influential vet or a young stud like Jaden Ivy. Rozier seems like a last resort if other plans fail.

This is the Block Ness monster, who is improving his free throw shot. Target 80%! Keep it up, Mitch! Peace until next time.