Leona Maguire had fun with Niall Horan’s golf skills on the late show

Leona Maguire has been a major milestone in her career in recent weeks, winning her first LPGA Tour event to cap what has been an impressive 12 months for a Cavan woman.

She put in a very impressive performance at the Drive On Championships in Florida, emerging as a convincing winner to secure her first title. She also became the first Irish woman to win an event on the Tour.

Maguire is one of the most successful amateurs in the history of the game, and she has definitely made her mark in the professional ranks. After her heroic performance at the Solheim Cup last year, her latest level saw her rise to the top 20 in the world rankings. You also feel like it’s just starting.

It’s been the 27-year-old’s journey up to this point, with One Direction star Niall Horan playing a small part in it.

Maguire is registered in the MODEST gold management company in Houran! He is in regular contact with the pop star. The Westmeath man is himself a fan of golf, although his game doesn’t seem to have impressed his client much.

Leona Maguire makes fun of Niall Horan’s golf

Appear in Late Late Show Last night, Leona Maguire seemed to be having some fun with Niall Horan’s skills on the course.

He is obsessed with golf and loves the game. It’s great to be a part of my team.

He’s a good golfer, he is. It is good for what it needs. He brings his clubs everywhere.

He is crazy about golf and plays all the time. It’s been several years since I’ve played with him, so he’s definitely working on his game.

He has about seven or eight disabilities, so he’s useful enough. He can keep on his own.

We’ve been on the pro-am team in Galgorm for a couple of years now, so maybe there’s something going to be something of that event this summer or in the world, we’ll have to see if he comes back to play again.

A handicap of seven or eight doesn’t sound too bad to us, although ours would be a little lower than McGuire’s.

I quickly took to Twitter to admit that Horan has been able to cross talent areas better than she has.

We’re sure Niall Horan will be out to impress the next time he’s standing next to Leona Maguire after hearing these comments.

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