logical choice or blasphemy, we let you decide

Often considered one of the best point guards in the league, Kyrie Irving has never been in contention for the MVP title. Not necessarily a drama, but another stat surprises us more: Uncle Drew has never received even the slightest vote for the little statuette!

We’ll dot the i’s from the start: the idea here isn’t to beat up Kyrie Irving or give him ointment to explain that he was robbed or what. But it is a statistic that is still quite worrying. Not be MVP, okay. Not being a podium or top 5, there is no problem. But zero ballots in all eleven seasons of Uncle Drew? Not one, nothing at all? It seemed a bit big and so we went digging through the awards archives to find out that it was… true. How could a talent like Irving ever get the slightest vote for him? Do not think that 100% of the votes are distributed among the boys on the podium, there are regularly more than ten at the final table and a great season may be enough to recover the little voice that Uncle Drew lacks today. Even more surprising is the list of those who, unlike the Nets’ point guard, have already been considered a “potential” MVP winner. We’ll give you some names, there are nuggets. We voluntarily stayed in the last decade to stick with Irving’s career. Ty Lawson, David Lee, Goran Dragic, Al Jefferson, Victor Oladipo or even Julius Randle. Here are the guys who can claim to have collected votes for the ultimate prize.. Someone even voted for Derrick Rose last season… Sixth man and MVP in the same year, that never happened in the NBA. No disrespect, but aside from D-Rose, none of these guys went on to wear the orange Springfield suit one day. Uncle Drew is still supposed to be at the top in terms of talent.

Even among the leaders of his generation, Kyrie is an exception.. With three statuettes between them, Curry and Westbrook were obviously cheered. John Wall also collected votes, as did the dead year of Kyle Lowry, Mike Conley and Isaiah Thomas. Even Ben Simmons had a following among journalists.. Kyrie’s name has never appeared on an envelope, not even in her best seasons. His last year with the Cavs at 25 points, almost 6 average assists and shooting at 47/40/90, still very clean! Well, no. He temporarily remains in the repressed club. A VIP circle with some good names too. We point out, for example, that Pau Gasol never received the slightest vote. Another forgotten: DeMarcus Cousins. If Boogie’s career is now much less ostentatious, we must not forget that we were still talking about a guy who could shoot 27 points and 11 rebounds per game, to the point of being considered the best pivot in the NBA. It is not enough to be cited in a visible way. We end with a small mention for Bradley Beal, who also didn’t make the cut despite the past two seasons scoring 30-plus points per game. It may be necessary to go up to 40 to scratch a very small voice.

Kyrie Irving has never received a single vote for MVP. Logical choice or true blasphemy, we leave you to judge for yourselves. At just 29 years old, Uncle Drew still has time for big rewards. He’ll probably have better luck if he decides not to cut his seasons in half.