Marlins looking for Felder Center

Marilyn’s family has been silent on the free customer front since the lockdown was lifted. General manager Kim Ng has expressed her desire to add another racket, especially one who can play midfield, but she is not ready to rush into making an addition that might not be appropriate, according to’s Christina Di Nicola.

While the rest of the division was busy reconfiguring their roster, the Marlins settled on backup plans in the form of minor league deals to meet their larger needs. Dillino Deshields And the roman queen Both have extensive experience in the position, and if Marlins can’t find a permanent solution, either of the speed drivers could make their way into the Major League roster with a strong spring.

Otherwise, sign the big free agent before closing, Avicel Garciawill be one of the internal candidates for the leader of the stadium, along with Brian De La CruzAnd the Jesus Sanchezand the companion man John Bertie. However, there are no natural options for performing a full-time gig at the center.

Monty Harrison, which would have been an option otherwise, is set for appointment this week. The 26-year-old could still make a comeback, but he has yet to establish himself as a viable regular option anyway. Louis Brinson And the Magnuris Sierratwo of the part-time players in the position in recent years, have been released this off season and now play for the Astros and Angels, respectively.

In the palace 24 years JJ Bleday He is 25 years old Victor Victor Mesa They are the most famous potential names that could play their part in the mix at some point this season. However, neither appeared above Double-A.

But the truth is that midfield is perhaps the most difficult position for the field these days. Free agency does not offer much by means of normal options, with veterans like Kevin PillarAnd the Brett GardnerAnd the Billy HamiltonAnd the Brian GoodwinAnd the Jarrod DysonAnd the Juan Lagaris Formed the bulk of the remaining Free Agent pool with central field experience.

Thus, if the Marlins were to find themselves a new central player, perhaps they would have to do so through trade routes. Ng can hang 3rd base player/defense player Brian Anderson As a potential commercial chip, both Barry Jackson and Andre Fernandez of the Miami Herald. offseason . acquisition Joy Wendell It makes Anderson somewhat non-expendable, although it is likely only at the expense of filling their needs at the center.

Anderson should be an intriguing option for a team that needs some offensive pop. Anderson 111 has his WRC career + and is heading into a season at the age of 29, bringing experience in third base and right field. Given his position in the defensive hierarchy, it will likely take more than just Anderson for the Marlins to achieve a similar midfield.

If the Marlins can’t find this player in the trade market, they can resort to adding another corner player like Jorge Soler or Michael Konforto, notes de Nicola. Either of them could fit comfortably into the corner-court mix while pushing de la Cruz and Garcia into a more regular playing time in the center. The role of the designated hitter is also available for the Marlins, although they seem content to let Jesus Aguilar And the Garrett Cooper Split time there, as well as in the first base.