Marvel did not pay America’s creator Chavez for “Doctor Strange 2” – The Hollywood Reporter

When director Sam Raimi Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arrives in theaters on May 5, the audience will meet America Chavez, the Marvel comic book character brought to life by young actor Xochitl Gomez. Prior to the release, the addition of the fan-favorite hero has already received praise, and her inclusion is seen as a victory for representation, as she is the rare Latin superhero in the Marvel Universe. The film will also acknowledge that the character is gay, as he appears in the comics, according to sources.

For comic book writer Joe Casey, seeing Chavez climb new heights is bittersweet. Casey is proud of her work in America Chavez and what she stands for. However, like many comic book writers before him, Casey feels a tinge of regret when he sees his creation take off without being significantly compensated for it. Casey did not receive payment for America Chavez, other than the page fees he received when he worked for Marvel as a writer, when he and artist Nick Dragotta introduced the character in 2011. (Casey rejected what he described as a ” movement ”of an offer in the future The multiverse of madness aspect.)

Now, as Casey talks about his compensation for the first time, he is careful not to look hurt. The writer says he hopes the publication will help other creators get better terms when their work is turned into movies, streaming series, and action figures.

“The truth is that Marvel owns America Chavez. This is not in question at all, but there are still systemic flaws in the way creators are neither respected nor rewarded, ”says Casey. The Hollywood Reporter.

Marvel Publishing declined to comment, noting that it does not rule on individual agreements with creators. During his time at Marvel, Casey never signed any documents regarding the character, although he understood that Marvel owned everything he created there.

Casey’s work on Marvel dates back to the late 1990s, with credits including X-Men, The Hulk, Iron Man and Avengers titles. Since then, he has gained success as one of the creators of the popular Ben 10 the animated franchise, which gave him direct knowledge about how even the smallest amount of profit sharing can reach significant amounts for creators thanks to marketing and licensing offers. Members of his entertainment company, Man of Action, also negotiated with Marvel for the 2014 Disney animated film. The great hero 6and received more favorable terms, which, as Casey notes, shows that Marvel can make these deals sweeter for creators, if it chooses.

A few years ago, when Casey found out that Marvel intended to include America Chavez in Doctor Strange He then contacted the publisher to request documents covering his previous appearances in animated TV episodes and video games.

Marvel Publishing sent a special agreement to sign, which included a cash offer. Casey eventually refused to sign the special agreement, and his lawyers expressed dissatisfaction with the offer. Although Casey declined to say how much Marvel has offered, it is said that the amounts for other agreements with the creators are in the range of $ 5,000, although a source from Marvel disputes this figure, saying that they are generally higher. Marvel is not legally obligated to pay creators when their work is adapted, however it is common for them to invite creators to film premieres and offer them cash compensation for appearances.

So far, Casey has not received a counter-offer, although the Marvel source notes that the talks are ongoing. The writer, however, feels that the company is stopping him. He is also frustrated that there has been no transparency as to how Marvel has reached the bid number.

“Marvel didn’t pay me anything for America Chavez, not just because I appeared in Doctor Strange continued, but in many animated TV episodes, for the many action figures they did with her, for the video games in which she appeared “, says Casey. “They seem to be fine with that.”

The issue of paying creators has been discussed in comic book circles for decades, since Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster sold the character for $ 130 in 1938. Kingdom, legendary artist Jack Kirby spoke of his own financial abuse by Marvel, despite the fact that he created much of his universe with Stan Lee.

In recent years, creator Jim Starlin has made public his salary grievances, and eventually received a better offer from Marvel to use the villain Thanos, who was at the center of the film. Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, two of the greatest movies of all time. And last year, star writer Ed Brubaker shared his dissatisfaction with his payment for co-creating The Winter Soldier, a character played by Sebastian Stan in multi-billion dollar film franchises and the Disney + series. The winter hawk and the soldier.

It is generally said that the rival DC publisher compensates creators more when their work is adapted for the screen. As noted by former DC President and Editor Paul Levitz THR last year of his philosophy: “Christian Bale liked to watch [Batman artist] Tim Sale’s work before he goes out and takes a pose … I’m not sure how you appreciate that. But when you have a movie that’s just as successful as Batman begins or The dark knight, it says there’s something there. And you should say thank you in a way. “

Casey was well acquainted with the history of comics and unhappy creators when she worked at Marvel, and she entered it with her eyes open. He decided not to create characters for Marvel. However, over the years, he has not been able to create a few for the publisher, including America Chavez.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s not even about respect. I would never expect to be respected by a corporation, ”says Casey. “If I am in a position where I can afford not to accept their insult to an offer and talk about it, maybe the next guy – in which such money could change their lives – would have a fair chance to receive that money. ”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. For a time, it was even considered a part in Spider-Man: No Way Home, in which he allegedly played the role of apprentice to the sorcerer who eventually returned to Ned (Jacob Batalon), according to a well-informed source. No way home, which is the movie no. 6 of all time globally, was originally to be released after Doctor Strange the continuation and so on No way home part was cut.

Now she is ready to fight side by side with Benedict Cumberbatch in his latest appearance as Doctor Strange. As for Casey, he hopes that the speech could help change things on a systemic level at Marvel, which he wants to be transparent about how he gets to compensate the creator.

Says the writer: “I’m a happy guy. I’m not happy. I’m not bitter. Because I know that’s what happens. I know, that’s how you change things, talking about it. “