Mets Max Scherzer faced the return of the time question

The Baseball Gods gave Mets fans Steve Cohen, Buck Showalter, MV-Pete Alonso, and a professional uniform who was taught how to play winning baseball…a strong, mentally resilient team that survived the absences of Max Scherzer and Jacob Degrom.

But the Mets fan hasn’t lost sight of the World Championship title holder Braves not giving up anything, forever lurking not terribly far from the Summer Boys.

You can’t blame them for pleading: HURRY BACK, MAX.

And after he began his 65-court rehab in Binghamton on Tuesday night, you can’t blame Scherzer for expressing his fervent desire to come back quickly.

He’s not someone who is content to collect on his $130 million three-year contract unless he’s driven to chase a world championship, and he can’t do that at Binghamton.

Showalter will make the call on whether Shearzer should be called up to play in Miami on Sunday or whether it would be better to wait for the left turn he hit on May 19.

“I want to be in the big leagues, not be a rubble pony,” Scherzer said after starting rehab on Tuesday.

Max Scherzer had begun rehab from 65 pitches in Binghamton.
Max Scherzer had begun rehab from 65 pitches in Binghamton.
Gordon Donovan

It comes as no surprise from a three-time Cy Young winner who has been a horse for most of his life in the Major League.

By now, it should be clear to everyone that Buck should all trust him. Including Scherzer.

“It’s a good move for him,” Showalter said. “Physically he was feeling better, that is the most important thing. He plays physically well enough to continue making steps to join us at some point.”

Trevor Williams, who belongs to the Bulls, tried to be his best on his sixth start, but the third inning at home by Jose Altoff and Jordan Alvarez had the Mets on a 3-0 hole that ended with an 8-2 defeat at Minute Maid. Park in Houston.

Max Scherzer
Max Scherzer
Gordon Donovan

DeGrom faced head-to-head competitions at Port St. Any deGrom is better than no deGrom, but anticipating Cy deGrom is a far-fetched dream, considering its last start came last July 7.

Chris Bassett and Carlos Carrasco mostly kept the fort, but Scherzer is the straw that brings the drink on the heap.

Even if the Mets before 5 games weren’t ¹/₂ against the Braves, who lost to the Giants, you can dig them into stone so that Showalter doesn’t panic, because it’s not in his DNA.

“We can lose a game or two and know we’re good,” Edwin Diaz said at the end of the last pitch. “Every time we go out, I know the other team thinks this team is really good. We could lose five or six games and come back easily. They know they can’t relax.”

It was the Astros who stayed relaxed after Alonso hit the sixth at home (20) in the match 7-1, and after Eduardo Escobar’s single shot in the seventh inning made it 7-2.

“We had the opportunity to get to the world championships this year,” Diaz said.

Yes they do. With Max Scherzer Healthy.

“I want to go back there really badly,” Scherzer said.

Faster to come back, Max.

Or hurry up and wait if the manager makes that call.