Mid-Season Review: Jared Vanderbilt – Canis Hobbs

Energy from Kevin Garnett’s years rises from the darkest and dustiest areas of Target Center. Jared Vanderbilt and Patrick Beverly are at the forefront of that. This season is full of nostalgia for those who tried it years ago: a formidable defense. You can passion and energy feelings. authenticity. kg Really Take care. you may be seen He. She.

I would never underestimate what the greatest Minnesota Timberwolves ever did for this city by making inaccurate comparisons. But these two guys epitomize what this city is all about, a KG-esque player. If there’s one way to describe Vanderbilt’s impact on this team, or to illustrate how important he is, it is.

Vanderbilt has established himself as a springboard for the future. Probably considered one of the biggest “steals” in terms of length and amount, Vanderbilt will terrorize opposing teams in Minneapolis for the next 2.5 years while also allowing the Wolves to upgrade the roster.

The four-team trade that brought Vanderbilt and owner Beasley to Minnesota just over two years ago was a clear victory for the Wolves, as they dispatched Robert Covington, Shabbaz Napier, Keita Bates Diop and Noah Vonlet.

Vanderbilt earned his playing time through grit and hustle when he joined the Wolves. Almost instantly, his dangerous defense and high mobility were visible to everyone. He did not ignite the attack of the wolves, but set the opponents on fire.

Vanderbilt is currently averaging 7.2 points, 8.8 REB and 1.5 STL per game in 2021-22, but as anyone who has watched Wolves knows, its impact isn’t often reflected in the numbers (although sometimes it certainly is).

The year started a little uncomfortable on the offensive. We quickly learned that the majority of his value came in defense, except for offensive glass smashing or general crowding. Although he was still thinking things through, he had improved his offensive game. One simple thing is clear: he catches the ball when it’s thrown at him. In the past, he struggled for passes. I’m not sure what caused this change, but I’m glad it did.

Vanderbilt’s points per game jumped to 8.4 during January and February, up from his average of 5.7 during the first three months of the season. This increase can be attributed to any number of things, but all that matters is that He is gets better. Hope isn’t Vanderbilt getting 20 PPG (although that would be cool), it’s finding a role and excelling at it. It became clear that, at the time of the playoffs, dealing with one-dimensional players when attacking becomes more and more difficult. He’s still only 22, so seeing him improve, no matter how fast or slow, is encouraging.

It’s a reason like nothing else that Wolves have had the 15 best defenses this season (they finished 10th for much of the year). His stifling defense on the ball is a mess, but organization, and hovering over it creates a situation for an All-NBA defender.

Throw Beverly into the mix, and you’ll have created a nightmare. Bally Sports should have a warning about viewer appreciation because of these two things.

Let me pause and say the defense hasn’t been great lately. The team clearly needs the NBA All-Star break to rest and reset. However, wolves still had the individuals needed to disturb the teams at night, at night outside.

This team is definitely capable of 15th place in attack and defense, and it looks like we’re in the span of the season before they find that groove. As of now, they’ve spent time on both ends of the spectrum – starting the year with a stifling team defense as they struggled on offense, and more recently playing great offense but struggling in defence. It only makes sense after the break that they settle somewhere in between these two points.

Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

We thought the energy of the late ’90s and early 2000s was gone, and we’d never quite like the fire you could feel in your guts as you watched this team play. But it wasn’t. He stood still, waiting for the right time to remind us of what we have in this city private.

This quiet fan base is only needed more.

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