MLB CLOSE: Owners, MLBPA begin a vital week of negotiations in Florida; The league is making minor changes to the proposal

On Monday, MLB owners and representatives from the MLB Players Association met face-to-face at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida, in the final round of negotiations designed to end the owner-enforced shutdown that has been in place since then. December 2 The MLB said February 28 is the latest date they can reach agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement without delaying opening day (currently scheduled for March 31), although the MLBPA may not agree.

Monday’s meeting was the longest closed to date. The two sides reportedly met for nearly five hours, though much of that time was spent in separate rooms drafting proposals, which is common during bargaining sessions. The duration of their meeting is not as important as what was said during the meeting. In the end, MLB offered only minor tweaks to its latest proposal.

Among other things, the following Monday MLB show, According to Ivan Drillic of Athletic:

  • Increase the total rewards for players before arbitration to $20 million. MLB previously offered $15 million to its top 30 players. The MLBPA is seeking a $115 million bounty to split it among the top 150 players.
  • Draft Lottery for the top four selections. MLB previously offered a lottery for only the top three picks. The association wants the top eight picks to be determined by lottery.
  • No change to the previous luxury tax proposal. MLB offers a small increase in tax with much harsher penalties. The MLBPA is seeking to raise the threshold from $210 million to $245 million. More on that here.

The MLBPA was disappointed with the MLB proposal on Monday, Reports NewsdayTim Healy. Take that with caution, because both sides will say they are disappointed when the other does something other than give in. Healey says the MLB described Monday’s meetings as “extensive and productive.”

By all indications on the MLB side, the 2022 season will not resume – nor will spring training begin – until a new collective bargaining agreement is in place, at least on a conditional basis. The MLB can lift the shutdown at any time, allowing baseball to resume under the terms of the old Collective Bargaining Agreement, but the league has shown no willingness to do so.

While the two sides remain apart on what have become known as “core economic issues”, daily bargaining sessions are planned for the entire week, and the hope is that an agreement will be reached before the unofficial deadline of February 28. The MLBPA is haggling for dollars rather than major structural change, indicating a fast track to agreement.

The main economic issues that currently separate the two sides include the minimum salary, the competitive credit tax (or the luxury payroll tax), Salary Arbitration StructureAnd the The size of the total rewards for players before judgingAnd the revenue sharing. In addition, the federation recently indicated that it would not agree to a post-season extender, which may be at the top of the property’s wish list, unless a full 162-game schedule is played in 2022.

The accelerated pace of negotiations this week was largely made necessary by the fact that the owners, after the start of the strike, took 43 days to present their first proposal to players after the shutdown. Here is the complete schedule of closing procedures.