MMQB: What Player Are You Most Excited To Hear About This Spring?

We’re only a few days away over two months from the Blue-White game, which means the start of spring training isn’t far off either. With Spring Exercise #1 coming up in a few weeks, now gives us a good time to look at some *guys* who might have big springs in front of them.

* Does not include new students. Sorry, Drew Allar and Nick Singleton.

T Theo Johnson

I don’t mean to disrespect any of the other tight parties, but having Theo Johnson only have 19 of the 44 total receptions in Pennsylvania in 2021 is kind of crazy. Yes, let’s go with this: crazy. It’s just that when I look at Johnson, I can’t help but wonder, “Man, this wouldn’t be a situation we’d waste as a tight end faction for the majority of his career, would it?”

I know he’s not the most talented blocker in the world, but he’s not quite like Brenton Strange and Tyler Warren who are totally pie-handing either. So I hope that in 2022 we see a bigger role for Theo Johnson – and hopefully that starts to emerge during spring training.

De Zorya Fisher

Penn State’s defensive end room is interesting. After replacing Arnold Ipeketty and Jesse Lucetta, the Nittany Lions will be drawing on some leaps and bounds from a slew of players: Smith Filbert, Davon Townley, Rodney McGraw and the player I’m highlighting here – Zorya Fisher.

A former full-back, Fischer made a quick switch to the defensive end once it became clear he would spend his college career north of £250. His first full season on the defensive end was uneventful: he played only eight games and scored only four tackles. But as a former four-star prospect, the hype for Fisher is real as he continues to adapt to the defensive end. We’ll see how far he progresses this spring.

CB Calin King

After signing up early and impressing last spring, Kalen King had a real hot and cold freshman season. While just breaking into a deep backswing should have been impressive enough, King was not without his mistakes during the 2021 season, being called up for quite a few overlapping and passing calls. However, the arrow is completely pointing at King, who is probably the preferred person to start playing in the corner back opposite Joey Porter Jr. I’m interested in seeing and hearing how King has evolved – while maintaining that aggressiveness and emotion with which he plays, while not being overly physical to where he is egotistical with penalties.

What player are you most excited about this spring, BSD reader?