NBA Mailbag: Should Anthony Davis come to DC?

Thank you for your questions regarding this month’s mailbag. Here are some of the specific questions in Part One. Thanks!

If Tommy wants to swing by for fences – Davis’ L.A. “Street Clothes” Anthony seems to be exhausting his welcome. his buisnes AD for Beal has any meaning at all (assuming that Lakers Don’t want Porzingis)?

Ted could say “The Twin Towers!” Others might say the “twin towers” in the hospital ward! (Alex Choi)

I will not oppose the Beal trade. But I also don’t think a Beal for AD deal will work in a one-for-one swap, in practice. Washington may have to abandon the venture capital for such a deal to succeed.

Then, wizards would need to boost the already depleted guard turnover. So unless they make a move for another keeper that fits in the long run, I don’t see it working.

The depth of witches is a blessing and a curse. Too many players overlap and steal each other’s minutes while Wes struggles to identify a clear rotation. Bradley Bell and Spencer Dinwiddy were two players in the same situation with the Wizards’ front desk joking about Dinwiddy being a starting goalkeeper.

With that being said, did the wizards solve their own Beal/Dinwiddie problem while simultaneously creating a future Kristap Porzingis/Kyle Kuzma problem? The way I see it, they play the same position and sometimes similar games. Will they be able to coexist? (Michael Dorso)

Players with similar games can coexist in the front positions a little better than the goalkeeper. And teams can find ways to keep these players together to finish matches when they are close. So it’s not like they should start like David Robinson and Tim Duncan in the late ’90s with the San Antonio Spurs.

The Washington Mystics basically had a more star-oriented version of the situation I described when Elena Delle Donne came to town from Chicago Sky in 2017. I played the same situation….. (I didn’t really want to say her name because you’re all going to grill me.) …. but ….) Emma Messman. They didn’t play well together in the first year or even at the start of the 2019 season, but they eventually put it together just in time to win the championship.

Porzingis can play at 5 so Kuz can stay at 4. Or Porzingis can move to 5 so Kuz can stay at 4. Or he can go to 3 since Rui Hatchimura can still start at 4. And we haven’t even done that Find out what’s happening with Daniel Gavford and Thomas Bryant so far! The forward spin is still pretty deep, but I think wizards can figure out how to keep KP and Kuz happy and productive. However, I don’t expect the Wizards to win the tournament as shown.

How good is Roy Machida for mystics? (multiple messages)

Admittedly, I’m not familiar with Machida after her performance in the 2020 Olympics. Using her Olympic performance, I believe she has the potential to be a strong and fleeting general for the Washington Reserve unit. However, to keep defenses honest, she’ll need to be a better three-pointer than her Olympic stats indicated, especially when Japan played for Team USA.