NC State beat Longwood to advance in 2022 NCAA Championship

It took NC State a while to kick in, but once the wolfpack did, Longwood didn’t stand a chance.

North Carolina State used a strong secondary quarter to break out of the funk to defeat Team Lancer, 96-68, in the opening round of the NCAA Championship, a fifth straight win in the program’s first round.

Wolfpack (30-3) faces Kansas State (20-12) on Monday at Reynolds Coliseum. The Wildcats defeated Washington State, 50-40, in the first game of the day.

North Carolina State defeated Kansas State by 21 on November 19.

For the Wolfpack to advance, he will have to avoid another slow start.

It was a six-point game midway through the second quarter when North Carolina State finally looked like the top seed. Wolfbeck closed the second quarter with a score of 19-2 and beat Longwood (22-12) 23-6 in the second. This was the 22nd time this year that the group held a single-digit discount in the quarter.

Goalkeepers Raina Perez and Diamond Johnson scored 15 points in second place, while North Carolina led by 21 points in the second half. Jakia Brown Turner started the third quarter with three seconds in a row to push the lead to 27.

Lancers best player Akila Smith, who scored 32 points against Mount Saint Mary in the first half, had 25 points, and is one of Longwood’s three double-digit players. On the flip side, NC State had five players who finished with 10 or more.

With Elisa Conan roving the paint at 6-foot-5 – his tallest start was at Longwood 5-11 – it seemed like an easy strategy would be to feed Conan all night. The All-American finished with 13 points, but the guards also did a lot of damage.

Perez, who scored 14 goals in the first half, finished with 16 points. It was the second straight double-digit game for the goalkeeper, who had more distribution than scoring throughout the inning.

Brown-Turner finished the match with 15. Jada Boyd and Johnson each added 12 from the bench. North Carolina’s reserves outperformed Longwood’s 46-7 backups.

The pack took advantage of its size all over the land. NC State had a 50-38 advantage in rebound and points in the paint, 40-18. NC State improved to 4-0 all-time against Longwood, which was their first NCAA Championship appearance.

The win was Wolfpack’s eleventh consecutive, and tenth consecutive home win. It was also the Pack’s 27th win ever in the NCAA Championship.

The date of Monday’s game will be announced on Sunday.

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This story was originally published March 19, 2022 4:15 pm.

Sports journalist Jonas Pope IV has covered college hiring, high school sports, NC Central, NC State and ACC for The Herald-Sun and The News & Observer.