New York has ‘some tough decisions’ to make on the list to get below the salary cap

New Giants general manager Joe Schoen has a lot of work to do in New York, and some of it—well, a lot—won’t be easy.

Schoen is tasked with pulling the Giants out of what is now a half-decade loss set by the coach’s revolving door that has produced nothing but disappointment. Gone are former general manager Dave Gettleman and his coach’s latest options, Joe Judge, but changing the roster won’t be quick.

Gettleman went shopping in 2021, and retired him from the table before the bill was due. Schoen is stuck on the tab and now needs to figure out how to maneuver the Giants into financial solvent mode as 2022 enters, starting with shedding nearly $12 million of the current salary to get the expected maximum salary of $208.2 million.

“First, we have to move [the cap]”We’ll have to make some tough decisions here in the near future just to get to a place where we can sign off on enlistment choices and be below the cap,” Schoen said, via The New York Post. “There is a fine line, because you can cleanse.”

To be fair, the Giants aren’t in the worst position in the NFL. Five teams (Vikings, Rams, Cowboys, Packers, Saints) are currently on the cover worse than the Giants.

But the main difference is that most of these teams think they have rosters that can instantly compete. The same can’t quite be said of the Giants, who will have to make a few of those tough decisions regarding some household names.

James Bradbury is the first player that comes to mind thanks to his 2022 cap figure of $21.8 million. Only a few corners in the entire NFL hold a higher figure next season, and while Bradbury is clearly New York’s best defensive player, the Giants’ current status will require at least a restructuring (which wouldn’t be the first example in Bradbury’s time with the Giants). ). A trade involving Bradberry (with an appointment set after June 1) would remove $13.5 million and extract value from the contract that will expire after 2022.

But it will make the giants worse than they already are.

Bradbury isn’t the only defender with a big cap figure going into 2022. Leonard Williams is the biggest, but he’s entering the second year of a three-year deal that includes $19 million in guaranteed money for 2022. He’s not going anywhere.

Adoree’ Jackson joined New York on a three-year deal that included a top-cap-friendly first year that was suddenly unwelcome in 2022. Jackson’s cap number jumped from $6.7 million to $15.2 million, the fourth-highest on the team, but his cut Before June 1 it will cost the Giants more than $3 million in dead hat. The trade will save $6.26 million before June 1 and more than $10 million after that date.

Immediately behind Jackson is Blake Martinez, the intervening machine and a key part of the New York defense whose injury loss hampered the Giants drastically in 2021. Cutting him would net $8.5 million, but then again, make the Giants worse.