New Yorkers move Zedeno Chara to the playoff team

New Yorker defenseman Zdeno Chara is about to make history. The 44-year-old in his 24th season in the National Hockey League will tie with Chris Chiles for the most games played by a defender in NHL history on Tuesday when the islanders face the Seattle Kraken. On Thursday against the Los Angeles Kings, Chara will break the record.

And then the NHL trade market will open.

Over the course of his long career, “Big Z” has played for four teams and is currently on his second assignment with the New York Islanders, the team that drafted him in the third round (56th place) in the 1996 NHL Draft. With whispers from this last season of Chara in the NHL There will likely be a fifth and final team.

A league source told NYI Hockey Now that after Zdeno Chara’s record-breaking night Thursday against the Los Angeles Kings, the New York Islanders will explore the NHL commercial market to take Chara to a Stanley Cup contender.

But the source indicated that the islanders and general manager Lou Lamoreello are waiting for Chara to break the record before moving it.

Could Bashar end up in Boston? What about the Pittsburgh penguins? Does Toronto take a flyer?

At his age and playing decline, Chara is no longer a hot commodity. The playoff-based franchise will gain a lasting wonder in its drive and playoff experience rather than production. But that still counts, and perhaps a playoff race can rejuvenate the great defender once again.

A man who is physically defensive can make the job of a goalkeeper a lot easier. There are few qualifier teams who could use Shara’s locker room allure and physical presence, even at this advanced stage of his career.


Zdeno Chara played in 200 playoffs during his career and has reached the Stanley Cup Finals three times. He has also played in the 7th most game in NHL history (14). He lifted the Stanley Cup once during his illustrious career. In 2011 Chara led the Boston Bruins to win the Cup.

After one season with Washington Capitals in 2020-21, Chara signed a one-year deal with New Yorkers for a maximum of $750,000. The Islanders had made it to the semi-finals back-to-back, had a chance at the backend, and this was the team that gave Zdino Chara their NHL start 24 years ago. It seemed like the perfect situation for both sides.

But not everything succeeded in reuniting his island.

The islanders had struggled so hard, the chance of making the playoffs was now very slim. Although Chara isn’t to blame for the islanders’ inability to play a consistent type of hockey in 2021-22, it looked like his age was on the ice.

After struggling hard alongside 22-year-old Noah Dobson when the season began, the defensive duo settled down. In mid-December, Dobson’s game reached another level. Chara played a role in the exponential development of Noah Dobson, even if the big guy seemed to have missed a step.

Since boot camp, Chara has served as a mentor, the same role he played with Boston’s Charlie McAvoy during their three seasons together.

In 42 games played this season, Zdeno Chara has seven assists, 54 blocks, 84 hits and 31 gifts in a 18:29 ATOI.

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