News: Clayton, Vitale, World Championships and more

Recent sports media news, including the death of a long-time NFL reporter John Clayton; good health news for Dick Vitale; Subsequent start to the World Championships; Some notes on Al MichelAnd the Erin Andrews and more.

NFL reporter John Clayton, once a mainstay for ESPN, has died at the age of 67

Long-time NFL reporter John Clayton He passed away on Friday at the age of 67. Clayton worked for ESPN from 1995 until 2017, when he was caught up in the company’s massive talent layoffs. He has spent the past several seasons working for Seattle Sports Radio, including as a side reporter on Seahawks radio shows. Clayton has been one of ESPN’s most familiar faces during his time with the network, fronting her “Inside the Huddle” segment and the corresponding weekly “Four Downs” debate segment. Shaun Salisbury. He was also memorably featured in Sports Center Commercials aired on the Internet are rumored that he has a ponytail.

Clayton’s career began in Pittsburgh in the 1970s, where he covered the Steelers for a decade with the Pittsburgh Press. He moved to Seattle in 1986 and began covering the Seahawks for the Tacoma News-Tribune. [Seattle Times 3.18]

Good news for Vitale

in ESPN Dick VitaleM., who was sidelined for nearly the entirety of his college basketball season due to treatment for lymphoma and a separate vocal cord problem that required surgery, has made major advances with both health issues. He recently announced that his cancer is in recovery and that he has been cleared of resuming the use of his voice. The talkative Vitaly spent more than eight weeks in voice rest, communicating only in writing. [ESPN Front Row 3.16]

Revised MLB schedule includes subsequent World Championships

Major League Baseball announced its revised schedule last week, with the regular season ending in play on Wednesday, October 5. Between the late end of the regular season and the extended matches, the World Championship is expected to start days later than usual. According to The Athletic, the Fall Classic could start on Friday, October 28 or the previous Thursday, though a Thursday start would put it in competition with Friday Night Football.

The regular season was originally scheduled to run from March 31 through October 2 until the owners put in a 99-day shutdown pushing the start to April 7. [The Athletic 3.11]

Plus: Extensions Al Michaels, Erin Andrews, and ESPN

long time ago Monday Night Football human voice Al Michel He was close to a three-year deal to return to the series if ESPN didn’t get the services of Joe Buck, The New York Post reported this week. Michaels is still on the cusp of a deal with Amazon to call Thursday night football games. … The New York Post Earlier this month, Fox reported that marginal NFL reporter Erin Andrews It is a free agent and that ESPN would likely be interested in getting its services back. Andrews is a long time featured major FOX-NFL team reporter Joe Buck And the Troy Ekman, and both left this season for ESPN. … ESPN recently announced the extension of its contract with its NBA broadcast team Mark Jones And the Doris BurkeBeside Sports Center News Anchor Matt Barry. [NYP 3.7, 3.16; ESPN PR]