NFL Draft Chiefs: How John Mitchell III or Galen Tolbert Could Fit In Offense

In the last episode of Arrowhead Pride crafting room Podcast, we discussed out the upcoming season of the Kansas City Chiefs by previewing how much cover space Chiefs can save with staff writer Jared Sapp.

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Towards the end of the show, we took some time to highlight two broad-received possibilities that chiefs could – for one reason or another – consider as options in the second or subsequent round.

Brian: John Mitchell III | Alabama

‘Bama wideout posted a group of 96 catches, 1,142 receiving yards and eight touchdown receptions during his junior season in 2021. Had it not been for his ACL tear in December, he would likely have landed in the top 40 draft picks—if not in the first round. .

In his movie, Metchie checks a lot of boxes. Although nothing stands out as an incredible elite trait, it is the quality of a footballer you can trust to come and act as a true No. 2 receiver on a massive scale in 2023 and beyond. With Crimson Tide, line up across all formations – find ways to create class at all levels of the field, and open up quickly And the Intelligence.

In the way he moved on to off-script plays, Metchie displayed a really high football IQ, constantly finding opportunities to save a goal when the midfielder was under duress. We know this is an area in which he can work well with Patrick Mahomes.

This is the type of high-value selection at the end of the second round that will enable General Manager Brett Fitch to select a defensive player in the first round.

Talon: Galen Tolbert | South Alabama

After high school, Tolbert was not a much sought-after recruit. Rated as a two-star prospect, he’s made it to South Alabama—but five years later, he’s likely to be a second-day pick.

In 2019, Tilbert’s six-season put him down a few more radars. But in 2020, he really took off on his first 1,000-yard season, racking up eight touchdowns. Then in 2021, he continued to build his growing reputation by matching his eight touchdowns – but he picked up nearly 20 more passes (64 in 2020 to 82 in 2021), coming in at 1,500 yards. While the Jaguars moved him around the offense a bit, he was primarily playing outside. While he uses a lot of fake head and shoulder movements to rock individual defenders, it doesn’t quite match his lower body style.

He understands spacing—and knows how to find open areas in area coverage—but to consistently beat NFL corners in man coverage, he’ll need to improve his overall trajectory. However, he has reliable hands and catches balls with ease – and his versatility and ability to run quick screens and tackle in a running game and catch balls in dispute would make him a great choice in the second or third round. In Attack Coach Andy Reed, he can be refined into a truly productive No.

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