NFL Execs think Ryan Poles will tear up the Bears roster

When Ryan Pace took over as GM in 2015, he had the right idea. The Chicago Bears needed a complete restart. The menu was outdated, infected and very expensive. So he tore it all up and spent the next three years building it. Somewhere along the way, Pace stopped working with his long-term mindset. He traded for Mitch Trubisky in 2017 and then struck a great deal with Khalil Mac in 2018. It didn’t work out. This is the scenario that Ryan Bowles wants to avoid.

He prefers to work like Pace did during his first two years in Chicago. One where he was focused on finding team-friendly deals at a free agency while searching for the real stars in the draft. Some wonder exactly how far he will go in tearing down the slate left by Pace. Khalil Mac passed away. Eddie Goldman and Achim Hicks are gone. Tariq Cohen and Allen Robinson are gone. who is next? According to CEO Mike Sandow of The Athletic, it’s clear that the Poles may be planning a real purge.

There will be few survivors.

“You take a job, and you think you have a little bit of time at first, but a lot of that depends on whether you come in with a new coach like Ryan,” the GM said.

“It doesn’t look like they got much for a Mac – they didn’t sell it to us,” said one executive. “They just clean it up, really Knock down to studs. “

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone. The Bears are in roughly the same situation they were in 2015. The roster is outdated, exaggerated, and making it to the end of the playoff window that opened in 2018. Reports have insisted the Poles are unimpressed by it. George McCasky even called his comments “crude.” He has to tell people how things are going. Certain names will be kept for now, but with more resources to be acquired by 2023, this team will seem unrecognizable.

The 2022 campaign will be simple, in his view. It will be a four-month test for each individual on the list. If they want a job on this team, they will have to earn it. The only ones that can be considered 100% safe are the players that Ryan Poles picked in the draft later this month. With all the good things Rochuan Smith or Darnell Money did last season, it doesn’t matter. Everyone started from scratch with this system.

The Poles don’t seem like the kind of guy who’s afraid of tough decisions. Whether he’s a big name or not, he’ll do what’s best for the team. So every workout and every game is important to every player this year.

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