NFL Top 10 Tight Ends rankings for 2022: Travis Kelsey headlines a host of veterans, rookies and rookies

The tight end position is one of the most underrated positions in the game of football. They are called into some plays to act as an offensive lineman, and then have a broad future in others. Sometimes, they have to do both in the same play. Tight ends who are skilled enough to play in the NFL are some of the most athletic players and some of the hardest working workers in the league. This set of situations also features some of the best characters.

Below, we’ll break down our list of the top 10 tight ends entering the 2022 season. There are several things we took into account when it came to falsifying this catalog: how a player has performed in recent seasons, key stats like receptions, yards and touchdowns, and the approximate value of a Pro Football reference Reference, a guess on how the player performs the forward movement. Let’s jump.

Honor mentions: Pat Freermouth, Noah Fant, Hunter Henry, Dawson Knox

There are some who would be surprised to see Ertz on this list, but he played really well after being traded with the Arizona Cardinals – something not everyone expected. He finished the 2021 campaign ninth out of all tight ends in receiving yards with 763, fourth in receptions with 74 and tied for ninth in receiving touchdowns with five. Pro Football Reference also gave Ertz AV an eight, who was tied for fourth place among all the NFL tight ends last season. It was fun seeing him pick up eight balls for 88 yards and two touchdowns from Colt McCoy against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 11.

Ertz didn’t completely dominate the running obstruction, but he averaged 52.2 yards per game once he joined the Cardinals. If he had kept this pace all year long, he would have ranked eighth among the tight ends in that category. Without DeAndre Hopkins for six weeks, Ertz should see some good opportunities in the passing game again this coming season. Not over yet.

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Schultz was perhaps the hardest ranked player on this list. With his career in 2021, he went from playing sneaky fantasy football to a legitimate end of the NFL’s Top 10. Is the best yet to come? He’s only 25 years old, so he really might be one of the best tight ends going forward.

Schultz finished sixth among all-tight ends with 808 yards, third with 78 receptions and fifth in touchdowns with eight. Another reason Schultz is on this list is because he has probably put together the best overall handicap season of his career. Per PFF, he improved his passing blocking score from 35.2 to 68.1 last season, and his running blocking score from 65.4 to 69.9. The Dallas Cowboys view Schultz as an important aspect of their attack going forward, which is why they’ve given him the franchise this season.

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We were all ready for Hawkinson’s breakout season in 2022. He started his hot run, the tight Detroit Lions getting 16 passes for 163 yards and two touchdowns in his first two runs, but then waned a bit. He sustained a hand injury in the injured reserve in December.

Despite how the campaign ended, Hockenson had a career high receiving yardage per game with 48.6, which ranked eighth among all tight ends, and boasted a 72.6% catch rate. He took a huge step back in 2021, according to the PFF, but was still a reliable target that Jared Goff liked. Hockenson made the Pro Bowl in 2020, and a career campaign may come in 2022. His best football is in front of him.

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Gesicki is an interesting player, as it is more of a slots weapon than a “real” narrow end. He’s not known for stopping him, although new coach Mike McDaniel said he’s working hard to improve this aspect of his game. While Jesecki had only two touchdowns in 2021, he recorded 73 receptions in his career, ranking fifth among all tight ends, and 780 reception yards, which ranked eighth among all tight ends.

Gesicki truly deserves a place on this list because of his versatility, and the fact that he’s built his receptions and total yards every season. Also, it could really break out under McDaniel. The first-year main man saw how George Keitel could affect offense, so he likely has a big role on his mind for his young TE1. Since entering the league in 2018, Jesecki is eighth on the receiving list out of all the tight ends.

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The jury will be out on whether Jalen Hurts is the quarterback, but he helped Goedert achieve a career-high catching and yardage in 2021. There are certainly better tight ends than Goedert, but what makes him so good is that he’s a fantastic blocker as well. The Philadelphia Eagles were the number one attacking champion in the NFL last year, and Guedert played a role. He’s truly an underrated player, ranking fifth among tough endings in getting yards last year, and credited with being the third highest AV.

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Bates ranked us fourth in the NFL last year before he played a moment, and he didn’t disappoint. The Florida producer became the first novice to score 1,000 yards in a single season since Mike Ditka back in 1961, and the Bates also broke Julio Jones’s Atlanta Falcons rookie record. Bates ranked third among all narrow ends in receiving yards, leading all players in his position who scored at least three catches in yards per reception with 15.09. He’s already one of the best receivers in his position, but he’s not an elite racing blocker. However, it scores higher than the four other narrow fringes on this list with a score of 55.6, per PFF.

Bates isn’t your standard, narrow end, but its versatility is what makes it special. Marcus Mariota or Desmond Reader will have a chance to grow up alongside him, as Arthur Smith will definitely be planning a game about his own weapon going forward.

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Waller missed six games through injury last season, but still ranks 11th in getting yards out of all the tough finishes. In terms of receiving yards per game, Waller ranked fifth with 60.5. Aside from his athletic style and versatility, Waller is one of the few tight ends in the league that can serve as a focal point for an attack. In last season’s opener, he scored 10 of 19 goals for 105 yards and a touchdown in overtime in the victory over the Baltimore Ravens. This performance caused Jon Gruden to nickname Waller Best player he ever coached.

The future is bright for the 29-year-old, with Waller having a new head coach Josh McDaniels with experience planning games around the tight ends of stars. He now also has Davante Adams to work from, and his agent is working on a file new deal to make it richer. Waller should return to 1,000 yards in 2022.

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You could make the argument that Andrews deserves to be #1 on this list if we’re just coming out of last season. Even though Lamar Jackson was not around for about a quarter of the year, Andrews had a great campaign. He made career highs in receptions and receiving yards, and came one touchdown short of a career high at 10. Overall, Andrews led all the tight ends in receptions and yards, and was tied for most touchdowns. The All-Pro team’s first-team selection was well deserved.

Andrews set the Ravens franchise record for most receiving yards in a single season last year which is why the team wasn’t concerned about the wide green receiving corps.

2. George Keitel

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The thing to love about Kittle is that he finds happiness in every aspect of football. He’s happy to extend the defense as a receiver and fully prepared to bury potential attackers as a barrier to a San Francisco 49ers debut. Kittel is back again after an injury-ridden 2020 campaign, earning six touchdowns in his career in 14 competitions played and finishing fourth among the players in his position as he earned For 65 yards per game. He was fourth of all narrow sides in receiving yards, sixth in receptions and tied for seventh in receiving touchdowns. Kittle is one of the best players in the NFL, and he could play an important role going forward as Trey Lance’s versatile and explosive security blanket.

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Kelce is once again the number one in the NFL. While he will turn 33 in October, Kelsey has shown no signs of slowing down. True, he’s not mind running, but last year saw Kelsey’s sixth straight 1,000-yard campaign — an NFL record he’s still building on — earning his first All-Pro Selection team and seventh straight Pro Bowl attempt. . In 2021, he finished second among all the tight ends in arenas and receptions, and tied for the lead in touchdowns.

Kelce is just an elite on a court finish, and could take more responsibility in this year’s passing game with Tyreek Hill’s loss.