NHL trade deadline reaches Golden Knights

The NHL trade deadline is upon us. What do the Golden Knights do?

Decisions will be made on Monday for the team that has followed a franchise record, five-game winning streak with consecutive home wins.

An injury exhausted the Knights on Saturday and took the Kings 5-1 ahead of 18136 at the T-Mobile Arena, halting the entire fan base burnout by a minute.

Put all sharp things aside for now. Move away from the edge.

“I didn’t think we made an A-plus,” Knights coach Pete Debor said. “I thought we dug deep. You have to dig and block and do all the hard work around the net.”

Deadline issues

I’m not sure the deadline is such a difficult issue. If management believes that the majority of these high-profile players with injury can make a comeback in the playoffs and that this is still a Stanley Cup contender, they should stand idly by or even try to add a piece or two.

But if you thought the cost was too great to take a deep tour or even qualify for playoffs, act as a salesman and see the value that unfettered suspended free agents can provide.

Neither option bypasses this: If the team is making the post-season and doesn’t have a healthy Robin Liner, then a progression is as unlikely as the Golden Knight losing a pre-match battle. It won’t happen.

Which brings us to Logan Thompson.

He started his second game in a row on Saturday in goal, yet he has started his game for the fifth time in six games this season. He was also much better than good, stopping all but one of his 38 shots.

Thompson beat Florida on Thursday.

“He started (again) because you have to win matches,” Debore said.

Which says it all about veteran Laurent Prosuite now.

“That’s his game,” quarterback Chandler Stevenson said of Thompson’s win. “He won it for us. He could be that guy when we need a stop.”

So far.

Fact: The severity of Lehner’s lower-body injury is unknown and with Prosuite struggling, Thompson made it happen. But while this might work out in the regular season extension, the playoffs are another beast entirely.

The riders either need to be convinced that Lehner will be ready or at least scan the market for a veteran’s presence – and what it will cost – by Monday’s arrival.

We will know soon.

But it looks like the injured team from Saturday could make this playoff a success. Jack Eichel didn’t miss a game after picking up an injury on Thursday, helping the skilled quarterback in Stevenson’s powerful play goal. The special teams were great.

This is how you win with so many regulars watching expensive suits. Grind things while getting superior play in the net. Nobody feels sorry for the knights. They are alone.

Sports Reality

It’s as if they swapped goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleuri in their last off-season. In the interest of the team trying to give themselves the ultimate chance of winning a championship, no asset is safe from being shipped out.

It is part of professional sports.

As well as injuries.

TJ Felix is ​​a hockey player from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is 24 and competes with the Colorado Warriors, who provide opportunities for veterans with service-related disabilities.

He attended both the win over Florida and Saturday’s victory.

“You can have a great team and all these injuries happen like you did with (the Knights),” Felix said before entering the T-Mobile Arena. “I still think they have a chance to make the playoffs. I wouldn’t say they’re Stanley Cup contenders now — there are a lot of good teams out there. I mean, the avalanche is on fire. You know what I mean?”

Speak like a real Colorado. But, yes, we know what it means.

It’s not something Knights need to worry about just yet.

The two of them. Decisions must be made.

The most important comes from the wrinkle.

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