Nick Saban says new challenges keep him going

He is asked when he will retire A common question asked to Nick Saban of Alabama.

Ahead of his 70th birthday last year, the 15-year-old was asked about it during a weekly SEC coaches conference, who again stated he had no schedule.

Saban has shown no signs of slowing down, and new challenges in college football that worry him are also pushing him to continue doing so as he crosses the 70-year mark. He made this clear while speaking to the Alabama Football Coaches Association on January 27.

“Everyone asks me when I want to retire. Retire from what?” Saban said to a crowd of coaches in Montgomery, Ala., last month. “I’m going to jump into an empty abyss, in a little while, what am I going to do? Because the very challenges I’m talking about and the things in our profession that worry me—for you and me, in your game and our game—that’s what keeps me going. That’s why I wake up every day. That’s why I can’t sleep at night Sometimes.

“Why do you stop doing that? I haven’t figured this out yet.”

Excerpts from Saban’s speech a month ago have gradually surfaced on social media, with his comment on retirement being the most recent. Last week, some notes on former wide receiver Crimson Tide Henry Ruggs III, as well as the younger players on the 2021 Alabama squad who weren’t taking their chances in a national title game with two freshmen injured.

“We had three guys, they all played an important role in the national championship match and nobody – and no one – took advantage of the opportunity they had,” Saban said.

The initial clip from last week showed Saban starting to switch to real new quarterback Dallas Turner, who played a regular mid-season role and finished third on the team behind team captains and Alabama veterans Will Anderson and Vidarian Mattis.

On Monday, a clip was posted of what Saban had to say about Turner, using it as a positive example.

“Dallas Turner, on the other hand, was the third team when the season started,” Saban said. “Chris Allen broke his foot in the first game. Drew Sanders comes in and plays for him. Game five of the season, he breaks his hand. Dallas Turner is there with Will Anderson, who’s the best opponent on any team you could ask for. Work hard every day, great leader.” He is a great role model, does everything you could ask in a player and does it right.

“So this guy is with him here, he’s trying to be like him. So he works his butt, he works but don. He was the third team. Now, the guy goes in and plays game six of the year as a start — by default, but he set himself up to do it. Make the guy an all-American freshman. I don’t know how many bags he had. We had 52. He had Will Anderson (26) between them. I think he had (8.5), Will had (17.5) or something. But there’s an example of a man who did that, and because of That, when he had the opportunity, he was ready to take advantage of it.

“This is a story every young person needs to know and understand and see that you don’t get a chance. You don’t focus on results. You have to focus on the process of what you need to do to get the result so that when you get an opportunity, you can take advantage of it. It will be right in Your life. That would be true in football. But these kids don’t have a chance to learn this anywhere else. Where are we going to teach them? That’s what we have to do.”

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