Nikola Jokic’s critics are the major complainers, Charles Barclay. No coaches for nuggets. Not a fan of nuggets.

Oh, so we’re now “whims” Charles Barclay?

Dang straight. proudly and proudly. Wah, wah, wah.

this is the reason:

in a game It actually means somethingOn February 16, Nikola Jokic scored 35 points, 17 boards and 8 assists in San Francisco against Golden State. Steph Curry’s Golden State. The floor of the Steve Curry house. Denver won 117-116 to shock the current No. 2 seed in the Western Playoffs.

Big night for the best player in the NBA. The Big W has played for one of the hottest teams in the West over the past four weeks.

Coastal media? networks? Talking heads?

They shrugged. He shrugged and moved on.

Wah, wah, wahyada yada yada Fine.

Well, fast forward the calendar a little bit. It’s Monday, the day after the NBA All-Star Game. And in Fox Sports 1’s “First Things First,” one of the countless “pardon the interruptions” heists as temperature replaces their logic, this question is asked:

What does he say about Nikola Jokic that he played zero minutes in the last quarter of the All-Star Game?