‘No common logic’: When John Daly defended Phil Mickelson for shouting at the USGA

John Daly is among the professionals who speak out about their concerns. The two-time Grand Slam winner has proven he stands against the undesirable rules set by the USGA. Long Jun raised his voice again in 2021 against one of these rulings and supported his fellow professionals.


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John Daly lends his support to Phil Mickelson


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The rules of golf can sometimes make playing the sport difficult, frustrating the pros. The USGA came out with one of these rulings. Back in 2021The word in the golf world was that the USGA and R&A are reducing the maximum shaft length from 48 inches to 46 inches.

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However, many professionals did not like the idea and categorically opposed it. Among the group of professionals were perhaps two of the most famous, John Daly and Phil Mickelson.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – SEPTEMBER 11: John Daly waits for his shot on the tee on hole 17 during the first round of the Sanford International at Minhaka Country Club on September 11, 2020, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Phil wrote a tweet in which he said, “Word is USGA soon retracts the length of the driver to 46 inches. This is the first track because it encourages a shorter, more violent swing (prone to injury) and does not allow the length of the arc to create the speed…”

Furthermore it, long john Came quickly to support Phil Mickelson. It shows that professionals will not hold back from raising their voices.

Daly gave his support to Phil in the USGA ruling fiasco through his Twitter account. He tweeted from his account saying: “I totally agree with you brother but why not just change the cheapest thing made in golf. No logic!”

Those words from Daly sound a bit strange because the fame he got in the world of golf was due to the long distance he had traveled away from the tee.


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However, this isn’t the only time Daly has had trouble with the USGA. In 2018, he declined to play any of the USGA events as his golf cart use was denied due to medical reasons. in the US Open.

Dali’s ending at Hoag Classic

At the end of the job, John didn’t have the finishing touches he was looking for at the Hoag Classic. The 55-year-old professional finished the event with an overall score of Five equal. Therefore, the tie finished in 59th place. The last round of the tie, 71st in the final round of the event.


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What are your thoughts on the strange USGA ruling?

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