Notes: Recap of Lions GM Brad Holmes’ appearance on Rich Eisen Show

Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes was called to Rich Eisen Thursday and spent 20 minutes talking about the draft, staff and plans at the quarterback. The full interview was posted on YouTube.

Host Rich Eisen kicked off the talk with some front-office excitement in Detroit over drafting Aidan Hutchinson at number two overall. Holmes said he had been watching ex-Michigan Wolverine since 2020 while working for the Los Angeles Rams and that Hutchinson reminded him of ex-Bram Chris Long. Eisen then asked if the tales of a league office punishing lions for choosing “too fast” were true, and Holmes had a good laugh emphasizing it, saying “I hope we don’t pick that high next year.”

Then the discussion turned to the trade to get Jameson Williams and what Holmes had in mind when news broke that New Orleans was trading up to 11th in front of the pick the Lions were trying to get. At first he was uncomfortable, but then thought about whether the Saints needed an immediate contributor or would be willing to wait for Williams to return. Thinking that the Saints were looking more for a player who was ready for opening day, he settled down (and actually the Saints went with Chris Olaf instead).

Twelve minutes into the interview, the host focused on a mix of quick topics. First: Jared Goff’s Detroit future, noting that the Lions didn’t pick the quarterback. According to Holmes, there was no desire to “force” the quarterback’s selection and the team was happy with the way Gauff finished strong in 2021. The next fast hitter asked what Holmes has in mind when the team gets the new schedule? Three things: the season’s opening discount, where’s farewell week, and who’s coming to Detroit on Thanksgiving.

Finally, given head coach Dan Campbell’s passion, Aizen wanted to know if Holmes should brace himself occasionally when the Lions score a win as big as Hutchinson’s drafting and Campbell celebrates enthusiastically. “Sometimes he’ll give me some warning–I’m often sitting next to him–not a warning of what’s to come, but he might say, ‘Hey, I’ve got some hair standing on the back of my neck.'” This puts Holmes on alert because “something can happen at any moment, but it feels best when excited.”

Most of the interview doesn’t necessarily cover a lot of new areas, but it’s very nice to hear it straight from the general manager himself. Once again, the entire video was featured on the Rich Eisen Show YouTube channel and fun to watch, so check it out. Now, for the rest of today’s notes:

  • MLive’s Ben Raven and MLive’s Kyle Mink beat Michigan Wolverines writer Aaron McCann and’s Josh Moore on the Dungeon of Doom podcast to talk about the new blacks Aidan Hutchinson and Josh Paschal.

SBNation’s James Dattor named the seven best timeline release videos on the main site, and Lions came in second on his list. However, the Seattle Seahawks at number seven are also in the spotlight thanks to the iconic role played by former Lion Quandre Diggs.

  • Ford Field Master of music DJRayyadig has a 17-track Spotify playlist to go with weekly opponents on the 2022 Lions schedule:
  • Speaking of the schedule, this seems optimal.