Novak Djokovic says he will ditch Wimbledon and France Open to avoid COVID-19 vaccine

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The prevailing opinion in Italy is that refusing vaccination is anti-social behaviour. This is reflected in politics: in January, Washington Post It follows the ordeal of an Italian chamber musician who cannot perform in shows or eat in a restaurant because he will not be deceived. If you don’t do your part in our collective fight against epidemic diseases, as Italian thinking goes, you won’t be able to mix with the people who have them – and you will increase the risk of the virus spreading with you.

In North America, the off-line lines in vaccine discourse are in an entirely different place. The rest of us have to respect these people, and the government can’t make any law that restricts what they can do. (The strictest policies we have on this front are in places like New York City, where you have to issue a very low security clearance pass to eat indoors.) It prevents severe disease and slows down the spread of the virus significantly With fading rare cases of severe side effects. It is also their right to do whatever they want, every second of every day, while refusing to participate in the collective mission of humanity moving forward. If at any point in your life you have to do something you don’t want to do, it’s totalitarian tyranny and possibly communism.

What this, really, is a tantrum. It’s big kid time, when we all have to sit back and listen to the very special boys and girls explain why they don’t want to get vaccinated the sheep. They are free thinkers! They do their own research! So what if they all said the same thing? Each is on his own travels, which you are not allowed to ask about though those trips affect the rest of our travels, because to do so would be out of touch elitism and disrespect towards the common man. Regardless, most working-class people, like most people from all walks of life, decide to protect themselves and in the process cooperate in our collective effort to overcome it.

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It shines through certain examples. Take, for example, Novak Djokovic, who is now bravely threatening to blow up his tennis career because he refuses to get one of the same vaccines that the 4.2 billion people on the planet have taken without incident. “I’ve never been against vaccination, but I’ve always been in favor of the freedom to choose what you put in your body,” he told the BBC. Well, it’s against this is The vaccination, because he won’t get it, and he’s in so much trouble not getting it that he’s willing to give up competing in the major tournaments, like Wimbledon and the French Open, that will ultimately define his legacy. If he’s not against these specific vaccinations, that’s a big price to pay!

Some people are genuinely opposed to mandates but not the vaccines themselves, and there is debate over whether governments have the power to make anyone get them. (Schoolchildren have had to get shots for decades with little resistance until relatively recently.) Often, though, if you watch one of these anti-delegation types talk into a microphone long enough, you’ll be rewarded with a peek at the bottom liner Anti-vix. They are against mandates, not vaccines, but they also believe that vaccines will change your genetic code or something else. We can pretend this movement is about mandates just as we pretended the Tea Party was about the national debt, but this is originally about the vaccines themselves, and the fears around them, no matter how observant they are among believers, are simply not true. All this is built on a foundation of nonsense. The risks of severe adverse outcomes are minimal based on an astonishing amount of real-world data, not lab studies. Really, at the most basic level, it’s about refusing to cooperate.

However, to point to any of this is to be a misfortune to everyone, and receive contempt from your ivory horoscope. Will players be interviewed on the tour who, unlike Djokovic, who just got the shots and gets on with their lives? What about the vast majority of Canadian truck drivers who did the same, perhaps because they are well-organized adults who don’t hold some delusional view of their importance? Boring! Like with the NBA, where 97 percent of players are hardcore, we all have to turn to Kyrie Irvings and patiently listen as they put their great philosophies to life. We are all hostages of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

I have to admit that often, I don’t really care whether people will be vaccinated or not. I feel bad for the health care workers who will have to deal with the fallout, but I seem to have less fear than others of an honorable exit from the free flow of virus among the unvaccinated. (The last words may have been famous.) Sometimes, at least to my altruism, I consider this a particularly competitive year for the Darwin Prizes. But I’m really, really sick of having to sit through Big Baby Time. You don’t need to hear Aaron Rodgers’ “Long Term Immunization Protocol.” That doesn’t mean it should be silenced or Joe Rogan should be scrapped. I find them incredibly annoying, with the kind of self-esteem that might alter the gravitational fields of the Earth itself.

Oh, and also, this stuff kills people. While the debate rages over whether Fox News hosts — who aren’t anti-vaccine, you see, spend all their time talking about vaccine-related issues in very negative terms — are fueling anti-fax sentiment or just serving a pre-existing case, the truth is that thousands upon thousands of people They die horribly needlessly. At the very least, they end up terrorizing their families. Take the story of Chris and Diana Crouch in Washington Post Today, if you can bear it through the story. You could say that Novak Djokovic is fighting a good fight against government excesses if you like – are there other examples of this in his life? – But the results are the same. The gains we’ve made in the past two years are due to people who have accepted their responsibility as adults and have been vaccinated.

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