OBJ Said Von Miller Looks “TUFFFFFFFF” in a Bills Uniform: Could Passer Recruit WR Again?

Von Miller has actually hired Odell Beckham Jr. once in his career.

The Buffalo Bills passing star managed to secure a wide receiver to the Los Angeles Rams after his release from Cleveland. the key? Lots of texting and communicating with Beckham Jr’s father.

“First of all, OBJ, this is my brother,” Miller said via RamsWire. “And it was his birthday when he was released and I texted him like, ‘Hey, man. Happy birthday. And if you get the chance, you should come to the rams.’ He said he wasn’t sure because he still had to clear the waivers. He cleared the waivers and we started Just texting and sending in. I talked to his dad too. I reached out to his dad, I was like, “Hey man, what can we do to get an OBJ?” I told him it’s great culture here, great coaches, great co-workers, and I told him he would love it Here and flourish, he came to Los Angeles”

Miller didn’t try to recruit an OBJ a second time, but sometimes an image goes a long way. On Friday, Miller showed a photo of himself dressed as Bills with the caption “Von Biller” Bills Mafia… was good. “

One of the first comments on the photo was by Beckham Jr. In fact, the star receiver commented twice.

“THIS IS TUFFFFFFF,” Beckham Jr. wrote.

He came back with “TUFFFFALO BILLLS” shortly thereafter.

Beckham Jr. isn’t expected to be ready to play again until November at the earliest after sustaining a knee injury in the Super Bowl, but if the Bills are looking to add a few elements to their offensive for a late season, push the team already that Beckham Jr loves the team’s leads. They also know they have Miller, the star who has successfully recruited Beckham Jr. in the past.

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