Our children deserve the same

Deion Sanders announced via his Instagram account that he and Jackson State will be hosting a group that also includes convention opponents Mississippi Valley State and Alcorn State.

It will be held on March 21 at the JSU campus. Athletes from Delta State and Mississippi College are also expected to attend.

Coach Deion “Prime” Sanders thinks HBCU players are getting a raw deal from NFL scouts so he’s planning his professional day in Mississippi. (Photo by Charles A. Smith/Jackson State University via Getty Images)

Sanders has questioned the lack of exposure to HBCUs since his arrival at Jackson in 2020. The 2021 NFL Draft produced zero HBCU selections, the ninth time since 2000 that no player from the HBCUs has been selected.

This number is unacceptable and certainly speaks to a plethora of talented NFL players in the HBCUs who are often overlooked. The series is expected to end this season, but in general, HBCU players are rarely invited to the NFL or the Power Five schools to join their professional days.

So, Sanders is using his platform to bring NFL scouts to Jackson for a day to give HBCU athletes a chance to showcase their talents.

I’ve heard of the NFL. They send out not only a lot of scouts, but also NFL cameras, because our kids deserve the same thing as the Power Fives.”

Since Deion Sanders became the head coach at Jackson State, his focus has been on getting as many HBCU footballers as possible in front of the NFL scouts and inducted into the league. After no HBCU players were drafted into the 2021 NFL Draft, Coach Prime said it would not happen in 2022. The 2021 NFL Draft included draft eligible players, and only five were HBCUs.

It was also the first time in over a decade that no HBCU player had been drafted. A frustrated Sanders expressed his displeasure via an Instagram post.

And we have the audacity to hate each other while our children are ignored and rejected. I’ve seen many of the kids we’ve played against who were more than qualified to enlist. My prayer is that this will not happen again. Get a knife from my back and fight with me, not against me.

Sanders believes that SWAC has a lot of qualified talent even though it is said they don’t

In a December interview with the Clarion Ledger, Sanders spoke of scouts and teams in the NFL underestimating HBCU’s talent. Sanders reported that a high-ranking person from the NFL told him that SWAC has a few talents eligible to recruit for the NFL 2022 project.

To read more about Deion Sanders’ Pro Day for overlooked HBCU football talents seeking more NFL exposure, click here.

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