Our Staff’s 5 Top Picks for Tuesday, Including Alabama vs. Vanderbilt

If you’re looking for energy conference bets to take on your Tuesday college basketball roster, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, our staff dives into four games – and makes up to five of the top picks – for the day’s schedule, including two SEC affairs, an important game of revenge in the Big East and a Big 12 Top 10 showdown.

So grab a deck of betting cards for your college hoops, and start your week with a bang with these choices.

Tuesday’s Best College Basketball Bets

The team logos in the table below represent each of the games the college basketball team is targeting from today’s roster. Click the team logos for one of the matches below to go to a specific bet discussed in this article.

Arkansas vs Florida

by Mike McNamara

Arkansas and Florida tie for the first and only time in the regular-season SEC play on Tuesday night. It’s an important game for both of them for different reasons.

The Razorbacks are as hot as any team in the country right now. The Hogs have won 11 of the last 12, the only loss by one point in a tough game in Alabama.

As a result of a winning streak, Arkansas has gone from being in a precarious position to being comfortable on the championship field and inside the top 25.

As for the Gators, this is a great opportunity to get themselves back into the mix in order to attempt the NCAA Championship. Things were looking very bleak in Gainesville until Saturday, when Florida put out second place at Auburn, 63-62.

I wouldn’t expect a spot of disappointment here for Florida, quite the opposite. The win over Auburn gave a lot of hope to this team, and welcoming another top 20 team to the O’Connell Center is the perfect way to build on that.

The Gators have finally brought Colin Castleton back in good shape, and he’s pivotal to them on both ends of the earth. Castleton should have been able to neutralize what Jaylin Williams was doing on the Arkansas edge, and he was also very effective at low mass.

Arkansas’ recent winning ways are certainly no coincidence, but I think the streak found a bump in the road tonight at O’Dome.

I’m backing Florida +1.5 in a game that I expect the Gators to win, keeping their championship hopes alive in the process.

picking FL +1.5 (Play until PK)

Oklahoma vs Texas Tech

by Doug Zeville

These two teams haven’t met for a long time, and the outcome of that confrontation is almost the opposite of what the odds-makers are expecting this time around.

The Red Raiders’ vaunted defense seemed no problem for Oklahoma’s Umoja Gibson, as he squandered 30 points to lead the Sooners to a 70-55 win.

While Gibson’s performance was the highlight of the first meeting, the part I focus on is the shooting performance at Texas Tech. She fired 39.6% from the field and was horrible from depth, going 2 for 17.

This is the Texas Tech team that is usually much better offensively, as it has an effective field goal percentage of 52.1%.

The Red Raiders were also uncharacteristically unable to reach the free-throw line and bypass the opponent. It’s safe to say, there is a positive regression coming for Texas Tech in this.

I don’t expect to repeat Oklahoma’s performance, but if it can do half the performance as it did in the first meeting, that would bode well here. The Urgents exhausted 49% of their shots and went 13 of 28 from behind the arc.

Combine a fraction of that performance with the much-improved Red Raiders’ attack, and you get more than that.

picking Over 129.5 (Play until 130.5)

Vilanova vs Ocon

by Kyle Rimmillard

Villanova controls his destiny to win the regular season Big East title. The Wildcats will need to defeat Connecticut, Providence, and Butler to make that a reality.

Villanova’s offensive attack is simple, using a capture attack with a large number of shooters ready to shoot around the perimeter. Providence was unable to slow down their capture attack on February 15, and the Wildcats set the brothers on fire from the depths, hitting 48% of their 23 3-point attempts.

Connecticut ranks 37th in defending pick-and-roll, according to ShotQuality. The group was brave in closing the perimeter, only allowing opponents to take 31% of shot attempts from outside the arc.

When opponents enter it inside, they are eliminated by a two-point defense of the fourth rank. The length of Connecticut would pose problems for Villanova’s offense to operate in the same way it did against Providence.

Offensively, the Huskies will use this height to impede offensive bounces, as they have done at the third highest in the country. The Husky hit 50% on the road against Villanova in the first game, but it’s defense that will lead them to victory in the rematch.

Playing at home, this is a perfect place to take revenge on huskies. The crowd will be raucous for a Top 25 match, and a win at this venue will provide momentum for UConn heading into the Big East Tournament.

picking UConn -2 (Play until -3)

Vilanova vs Ocon

by DJ James

These are two types of slow paced programs in the Big East. Yes, these are basic names, but be prepared to witness a rockstar fight.

Villanova ranks 347, according to KenPom’s modified cadence scale. Wildcats typically occupy 19.5 seconds per possession when attacking and boast a top 30 defense.

Meanwhile, UConn is ranked 252nd in adjusted tempo—with a top 25 defense—and uses about 17.6 seconds per possession on attack and 17.7 seconds per possession on defense.

Now, even if Villanova usually likes to shoot 3-pointers – of which 37.4% of the total points distribution came – he is likely to lose a lot of his inside game.

UConn has one of the best two-point defenses in the country. Opponents only shoot 42.0% per season against huskies in the arc.

However, husky dogs lack defensive means on the periphery, allowing 34% of the 3sec to enter. They need to bolster that, but since they eliminate almost one aspect of Villanova’s entire game, this must be important for something.

Also, neither team is particularly elite when it comes to defensive rebounds. They both hold about 27% opposition on the offensive glass, so that should tell bettors to expect very little from a possession with multiple chances to score.

Finally, UConn looks to get close-ups, and only 48% shoot two shots as a team. Unless the ball goes to Adama Sanogo or Isaiah Whaley – two of the most efficient bowlers – the Huskies will miss a lot.

picking Under 136 (play until 133.5)

Alabama vs Vanderbilt

by patrick strulo

Number 24 Alabama will be on the road this evening to make reference to Vanderbilt. This is the only scheduled meeting between the two programs this season.

Alabama has been impressive against the aggregate this season, going 17-9-1 for 65.4% on average. Vanderbilt was more reliable for Vegas, going 14-12 more than 53.9% of the time.

Last season, when the two teams met in Tuscaloosa, the tide came out victorious with a score of 82-78. A combined 160 points were scored in that match. However, tonight’s game features Vanderbilt’s improvement over last season.

The advantage in this game is twofold and depends on Vanderbilt’s attack and defense.

Vanderbilt’s defense ranks 43rd nationally on the AdjD, allowing for 96.3 points per 100 possessions. The Commodores will get their hands on Alabama’s top-ranked attack, but they should be able to force enough turns and contested shots to keep this game in check.

Offensive, Vanderbilt is slightly above average, with an AdjO score of 106 points for every 100 possessions. It has an effective field target ratio that ranks 209th in the country with 49.3%.

Finally, find Vanderbilt’s slower pace to counteract the upbeat pace of Alabama.

Market prices of exemplary performance from Alabama on the road have not properly discounted what the Vanderbilt defense has done in recent weeks.

Support Vanderbilt’s defense to do enough to slow the Alabama offensive in Nashville this evening.

I expect this game to total at 141 points. This is about 13 pillow points relative to the said line.

picking Under 154 (Play until 153)