Packers have re-signed CB Rasul Douglas to a 3-year, $21 million deal

The last calendar year or so has been a complete whirlwind for Messenger Douglas. With the 2021 season looming, Douglas was a free agent but didn’t sign well in April, when the Oakland Raiders brought him on a one-year contract at least. After that, he would be released in late August, signing with the Houston Texans for a week and eventually landing the Arizona Cardinals coaching squad.

From there, Douglas’ story during the regular season became known to Green Bay Packers fans. The Packers pulled him off the Cardinals’ coaching staff in early October after Jair Alexander injured his shoulder. Douglas went on to score a game-setting interception against those same Cardinals just a few weeks later, and scored six in consecutive games later in the season.

Douglas bolstered the Packers corner room at a critical juncture for the 2021 season. On Saturday, shortly after the Packers freed up significant salary space by trading wide receiver Davante Adams, they used some of that space to re-sign Douglas to a three-year contract. Douglas Deal It said Valued at $21 million with potential incentives that could total $25.5 million.

This re-signing, along with De’Vondre Campbell’s new five-year linebacker agreement, means the Packers will bring back nearly every key piece of their defense from a year ago. The only notable departures from the team are passer Zadarius Smith, who played only two games (including post-season) last year, safety reserve/support defender Henry Black, who was not offered as a free agent for exclusive rights, and defensive lineman Kingsley Kiki, who was released before the Packers lost to the San Francisco 49ers. Additionally, colleagues Kevin King and Chandon Sullivan remain free agents until this point.

It’s hard to overstate Douglas’ impact on the Packers in 2021. He’s played in 12 games for the Green Bay, starting nine of the last 11 games, and scoring a total of five interceptions and 13 passing defenses in that span. The total number of interceptions doubled his total for the first four years of his NFL career, while the passing defense number was high in his career.

The coaching staff at Green Bay now have a fun high school puzzle to work with. Douglas was an exclusive frontier corner during his time in the NFL, while Stokes also worked almost exclusively overseas. That could prompt the Packers to use Alexander as the team’s primary back-corner, known as the “star” position in Joe Barry’s defensive scheme. The only game in the 2021 season that saw the Packers put all of those three corners together on the field was the playoff against Team 49. In that competition, the Packers defense allowed only 131 yards and six points.

Douglas was clear This is out of his desire to return to Green Bay. Now, thanks to the financial flexibility afforded to the team through Adams trading, that desire has become a reality.