Patrick Mahomes asks Brother Jackson and fiancée Brittany not to attend matches

After a volatile season for star Patrick Mahomes that saw fiancée Brittany Matthews and younger brother Jackson make headlines multiple times for numerous disturbing stunts on TikTok and social media posts, the 26-year-old caller has requested the duo’s disastrous order to stop attending Kansas City Chiefs games next season. .

At least that’s what Fox Sports hosts Rich Orenbergerwho has played in the NFL for a number of teams, is reporting.

“I’m told, Patrick Mahomes has sat down after the season with his brother and fiancée,” Ohrnberger tweeted on Friday. “Eventually it ended up with him asking them not to attend any games this next season. It’s no surprise that Mahomes thinks Jackson and Brittany have become a distraction, and their side actions are detrimental to his brand. A lot can change over the course of an unofficial period, but that’s the story. Now as I was told.”

If Ohrnberger’s report is accurate, it’s hard to blame Mahomes, as his fiancée and younger brother have definitely become somewhat of a sideshow, and worrying about what they’re going to do off the field couldn’t make it any easier for him. Worry about what the opposing defenses on the network will do.

Mahomes hasn’t publicly criticized his little brother and strongly defended Matthews, but there is surely enough negativity surrounding them that he may have asked them to step out of the spotlight in private.

For what it’s worth, TMZ reports that this is not the case and that such a conversation never happened.

“Our sources tell us the caravan never happened and Patrick can’t wait for his loved ones to cheer in 2022,” according to TMZ. Mahomes was forced to defend Brittany from Twitter trolls recently who called the haters ‘weird’ for their constant criticism of his future wife. Matthews turned all the hate she got into a positive by selling ‘Team Brittany’ shirts, with a portion of the proceeds going to business. Charity. Whether you love them or not, one thing is certain – they are not going anywhere.”

In a tweet sent after Ohrnberger’s report, Mahomes also threw cold water on the situation.

For the sake of much-beloved Mahomes (a recognized ketchup junkie), we’re rooting for Ohrnberger’s report, not the TMZ report, to be true.