Penn State Ranks Among Top Colleges In NFL Fantasy Points

Penn State players have accumulated a total of 1807.4 Fantasia points in the NFL this season, According to ProU Sports. The tag ranks seventh among all college football programs and second across the Big Ten behind Ohio State.

The only colleges with alumni with NFL Fantasy points this season are Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Georgia, and Clemson. Crimson Tide easily earned 4,539.6 points from previous players — nearly 900 more than LSU, which ranked second.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Nittany Lions’ fantasy football year:

turn their backs

Former Penn State contestants Saquon Barkley and Miles Sanders have delivered decent fantasy numbers. Barkley can’t do much beyond the Giants’ not-so-stellar attacking streak, and injuries haven’t helped his cause. He finished 34th in the previous standings and earned 148.6 PPR points on the season.

Sanders was in a tough spot in Philadelphia, considering the Eagles ran a panel of linebackers with Boston Scott, Kenny Jenwell and Jordan Howard. Although a number of Eagles defensive players had carry-ons, he ended up 44th in the repeat standings and finished with 117.2 PPR points on the season.

broad receptors

Allen Robinson and Chris Goodwin are the headliners for the Nittany Lions family this year. One was very disappointing, while the other had his season cut short due to injury.

Robinson has had a very difficult season for fantasy football. He ranked #81 in the wide receiver and contributed only 87.0 fantasy points. Unfortunately for some, his high draft position didn’t work out this year.

Meanwhile, Godwin has had a fantastic year in fantasy football this season. Despite tearing his ACL in Week 15, he’s been able to put up some crazy numbers on the season. He ranked 15th among the broad receiver ratings and ended up with a score of 242.4 points.

narrow ends

Tight ends are a difficult but important position to choose in fantasy football. Fortunately, former Nittany Lions stars have often had a great start.

The Miami Dolphins’ Mike Jesecki had an extraordinary year for a fantasy tight end. He finished in the top ten and tied for eighth with the Eagles by the end of Dallas Juddert Court with 165 points.

Pat Frymouth has been a beast for the Pittsburgh Steelers during his junior campaign. He was able to place 13th out of all the tight ends in the league and scored an incredible 151.7 points during the season. He has quite a bit of imaginative upside next year if the Steelers can find a stronger midfielder.


Former Penn State kicker Robbie Gould finished 22nd in the season after missing some time. He scored 112 for San Francisco 49.

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