Phil Martelli should coach Michigan during the post-season while Joan Howard calms down.

First of all, Michigan coach Joanne Howard cannot return to the bench this season. what ever. In the handshake line after Sunday’s loss to Wisconsin, he threw a punch into a crowd that escalated into a brawl that could have seriously injured coaches, players and security workers. It was worth stopping. There was no scenario in which his actions could be justified.

Michigan and Big Ten promised quick work, and by dinner time on Monday, Howard had been suspended for the remainder of the regular season and fined $40,000. Assistant coach Phil Martelli, legend of Saint Joseph, has taken his place for the time being. That moment should only last more than two weeks.

It’s silly. As it stands, Howard can train in both Big Ten And the in the NCAA Championship if Michigan makes it (14-11) Moreover, he can face Wisconsin In both tournaments.

The foolishness of this half-measure decision cannot be overstated.

How, with this all-new transgression, can Howard go back to leading the youth – urging them to play with controlled fire – when he can’t control himself?

He won the 2021 Coach of the Year award in just his second season, and that will make Michigan reluctant to cut ties with him, and maybe – maybe – that’s okay. But Howard did not gain the right to assault another man, take a two-week vacation, and then return to the events of the season.

Besides, Michigan has a capable alternative.

Martelli must remain acting coach until the start of 2022-23. Martelli is Howard’s number one assistant, with the NCAA and Philly street credentials and the character to conquer the rest of the Wolverines’ season, whether he finished on the NCAA Championship berth or attempted the NIT.

Then, let’s let this cool down. Howard’s future problem solved later. Don’t fire him today.

He is a very good person and a very good coach. There is not enough in men’s college basketball. This can be a story of rehabilitation and salvation.

Howard released a statement Monday night calling his actions and words (and insults) “unacceptable” and promising to “learn from my mistake.”


It disappears for a few months. Find Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro, and analyze this Commentary in the depth of summer.

A repaired and rebranded comeback – Daredevil turned diplomat in sweatpants. fire him later? maybe.

But you have to realize that while Howard wasn’t right in his actions, he wasn’t the only one who was wrong.

#1: Wisconsin coach Greg Jard was wrong when he put his hands on Howard in the handshake line. Howard was furious that Jared had called for a late timeout in a game that had already been decided in Wisconsin’s favour (which is a stupid thing to be angry about, but whatever), and Howard didn’t want to shake hands with Jared, and Howard signed a rumored note as the pair passed. Then Jared stopped Howard physically.


The degree of entitlement, the blind and arrogant privilege, to physically stop another man who does not want anything to do with you is… outrageous.

The Big Ten Jared was fined $10,000 for violating the conference’s sportsmanship policy, but was not suspended. Three players were suspended for one game: Michigan’s Moussa Diabatti, Terrence Williams II, and Jahkobi Neith of Wisconsin.

#2: After the separation of Howard and Guard, Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabenhoft misspelled anything to Howard – replays appear to show the assistant talking to Howard. Krabbenhoft was also wrong to interact with any of the Michigan players, which he clearly did, shoving a Michigan player when Howard returned to the middle of the crowd. That’s when Howard made a quick pass on Krabbenhoft, hitting him on his left temple with his open right hand.

A strong pickup would do more harm, but that’s not the point.

No. 3: Joanne Howard was unnecessarily wrong when he swings it on anyone. For any reason. He can’t be seen again this season.

Martelli can keep his seat warm.

This is a child’s play for an elephant.

Media-born and Widener-educated Martelli was an assistant coach for the Big Five at St. 2005, when Channy Gon sent Martelli’s kids on purpose and hard in a late season game, breaking the arm of one of Martelli’s best players. Martelli was St. Jose’s coach when women’s coach Stephanie Jaitley was fired in 2001 after her husband and former assistant coach Frank Jaitley was accused of sexually molesting a former player, and Stephanie Jaitley was accused of retaliation. player.

After Caliparigate, Gaitleygate, and Goongate, Slapgate will be a child’s play for Phil.

Martelli has reconstructed the St Joe program. He has trained players of humble talent like Jamir Nelson to the heights of their absolute potential. Now 67, he’s fought every kind of war you can imagine in a men’s game. Martelli was a compass for Howard, who was an assistant coach for the Miami Heat, had never been a college coach, and was never a head coach at any level.

This is the second time in two years that Howard has lost his cool with a coach on the field. Last year, he had to be handcuffed by Maryland coach Mark Turjeon after Howard intercepted an out-of-bounds call in the Big Ten. Turgeon made a technical error. Howard was fired.

Honestly, given his history, he needs to spend some time away from the public, even if he never returns to training. Clearly he needs help.

For the rest of this season and post-season, Phil Martelli should do Howard.