Project Mock: Red Wings pick Matthew Savoy with 8th overall pick

Ah, a rough draft.

You can smell it in the air. It’s like a combination of heat, humidity, and the sheer weight of the outlook. Yes, it’s that time of year again, guys. The NHL draft 2022 is just around the corner. This time, the Detroit Red Wings picked eighth overall. After a disappointing end to a promising season, they’re back on the drawing board with another chance to pick the next superstar.

But who is the next big name for the winged wheel? In SB Nation’s mock draft, I had a unique opportunity to represent the Red Wings while doing my best in a Steve Yzerman impression. With that being said, here’s how the draft shook up before picking Detroit:

1. Shane Wright – MTL

2. Logan Cooley – NJD

3. Juraj Slafkovsky – ARI

4. Simon Nemec – SEA

5. David Jiricek – PHI

6. Cutter Gauthier – CBJ

7. Joakim Kemell – OTT

Some surprises for sure – notably Kimmel’s choice of senators. When the time came and the Red Wings were on the clock, I picked Matthew Savoie with the eighth overall pick.

From a layman’s point of view, Savoy is exactly the kind of player the Red Wings need. While some may dodge his petite physique (5’9″, 179 pounds), he makes up for size in plenty of points. This season, Savoy has scored 35 goals and 90 points in 65 games for the WHL Winnipeg Ice Championship, topping him with 12 Extra point in 10 playoff games.In addition, he led the entire WHL team in rookie scoring.Not bad for a first-year man.

He is a sinister creative hub and has the ability to work against defensive men in difficult situations. When he doesn’t score as much as he likes, he makes passes from bar to bar as if it belonged to no one. He’s got a trick shot that has fooled several goalkeepers, excellent ocean play, and a great ability to go to both ends of the ice. It would probably fall into the draft because of its size, but that shouldn’t stop the Red Wings from taking a look at it. After all, Alex DeBrincat of the Chicago Blackhawks is 5’7″ and has scored 41 goals this season.

Savoy is often compared to New Yorker Matt Barzal based on his playing style. If Savoy leads as a Barzal-esque player, scoring a position of this caliber in eighth would be a massive win for the Red Wings.

What do scouts think?

“There is no player in this recruiting class whose game is more exciting than that of Savoie. Inside the attack zone, he is a killer. He has very fast successive hands that help him beat defenders from individual wounds.” – Scott Wheeler, the athlete

“It will analyze all possible options and deliver the best possible play in a split second, creating an attack before most defenders have a chance to strike back. Savoie’s sense and skill in hockey with a puck make him the most dangerous player on the ice at any given moment.” – Matthew Soma, Scouts allowed

The electric double threat, who can score a lot of goals and create scoring opportunities… may have the highest offensive level in the class. NHL ETA 0-1 years old. – Ito Seltanen, DobberProspects

Savoy’s role in Detroit

One of the biggest needs on Steve Yzerman’s off-season checklist is the game industry’s second line center. Not only does Savoy match that description, but his skill set makes him a perfect fit behind Dylan Larkin. When you have a top-level two-way center blocking the top line and an offensively talented second line center behind it, you have a one-to-two evil punch that will confuse the opponent.

Pair a guy like Savoie with Jakub Vrana and, say, Filip Zadina (a player who has been greatly improved along with Vrana), and you get a bona fide second streak. You can even give Jonatan Berggren some reps with the Apprentice. Savoie’s skill set is so dynamic that he can work with just about anyone on the list.

Ultimately, what the Red Wings decide to do in the draft will come down to who’s available, when they’re available, and how Yzerman decides to handle the situation. If the draft takes an approach similar to the mock draft, the Red Wings will end up with their first pick with a solution that meets their greatest needs.