Queen’s £ 20,000 upgrade to Balmoral House unveiled as it prepares for major change

Jenni McKnight

Queen he is said to have made some notable improvements Balmoral estate as she plans to spend “much more time” in Scotland after her Platinum Jubilee celebrate in June.

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Her Majesty – which she indicated last month experiencing some mobility issues – she appears to have installed a £ 20,000 wheelchair lift in one of her favorite cottages in the area, Craigowan Lodge – a seven-bedroom stone house that is regularly used by friends and royal family in during the visit.

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Conformable Sun.The 95-year-old monarch is also stepping up security around the cabin and plans to install a new security gate, state-of-the-art intercom system and a range of new CCTV cameras.

The news about the wheelchair lift comes after Regina referred to her mobility issues during her first in-person meeting, after a brief period of isolation after Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19 after spending time with his mother.

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a ITV news The video of the event circulated last month on Twitter, Regina, who was standing with a cane, showed her left leg or foot and commented: “Well, as you can see, I can’t move.”

the queen-using-the-walking-stick

The queen used a cane at certain outings

Her Majesty usually visits her home in Scotland every April and August, and Balmoral has many fond memories for her, as it is the place of her late husband. Duke of Edinburghhe left his personal mark on their beloved summer home, in the form of a large patch of vegetables and a kitchen garden.

Scotland is considered to be one of the Queen’s favorite places on earth; She and Prince Philip even spent part of their honeymoon at the 1947 Birkhall hunting lodge on the property.

her niece Princess Eugenie explained earlier: “It is the most beautiful place on earth. I think Grandma is the happiest there. I think she really loves the Highlands. ”

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