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In today’s NHL rumor rundown, the New York Rangers are one of the teams likely to be interested in Phil Kessel. Are they ready to take his big hit? Meanwhile, the New Jersey Devils are not receiving calls on PKSubban. Is there another option the team should move? If the Boston Bruins don’t acquire Jacob Chicheron of Arizona, do they have a backup plan? Could the Edmonton Oilers go after Nick Paul or Carson Souci? Carey Price is back on the ice with the Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings have received some bad news for Drew Doughty. How might that change their deadline plans?

Rangers kick tires at Kessel

Rangers have room to take Kessel’s contract, and they may be one of the few teams willing to take calculated risks and trade ahead before Monday’s deadline. Frank Seravalli of the DFO Rundown podcast reports that the Rangers have shown an interest and if the Arizona Coyotes are willing to keep the salary (as they are), there could be a deal there.

Phil Kessel, Arizona Coyotes (Jess Starr/The Hockey Book)

Ceravalli isn’t sure if Rangers are keen on becoming big players in the rental market, but Kessel’s purchase price will be incredibly low and Jason Gregor adds that players have been very public about how much they want to play with him. He points out that how the player fits into the team’s locker room is also important. Gregor wonders if Kessel is keen on moving away from his family now that he’s had a newborn at home. Kessel has a no-trade clause which gives him a chance to select eight teams he would be willing to accept a deal for.

No incoming calls to Suban

Seravalli also reported that no one has been contacted regarding trading in PK Subban. Hitting the Max Defender is well above the value it offers, and while the Devils would be willing to keep 50% of his salary in a tight market where money isn’t readily available for most teams, it’s still an unrealistic option.

BK Suban, New Jersey Devils
BK Suban, New Jersey Devils (Jess Starr/Hockey Book)

There is a theory that maybe he can demons and Suban The parties agree to terminate His contract is in a move that similarly happened with Zach Bogosian in 2019. If the Devils couldn’t trade Subban and both agreed to void his contract, Subban could then sign as a free agent with any team they wished to give him a chance. This is an unlikely scenario, but it is possible.

Bruins can move to Plan B on the Blue Line

The latest buzz from Arizona is that defender Jacob Chicheron will not be traded. Andy Strickland reports that a deal is still possible but expects that deal to take place in the summer and not before the NHL trade deadline. From the moment Chychrun’s name appeared in the rumors, Bruins have been in the blueliner. What will they do if it is not available?

I’m not saying it won’t but it seems more and more that Jacob Chicheron will not be transferred before Monday’s deadline and any deal related to him is likely to take place in the summer. It could change but that’s where we are today. #yout

Serfali reports that the Bruins have kicked tires on Calvin de Haan of Chicago and the question appears to be a pick for the second round. Black Hawks are believed to be moving De Haan before Monday, with the suspended UFA making $4.55 million, averaging between 17 and 22 minutes per game, and likely not returning with the team next season.

Oilers are looking for a defensive man and a striker

according to TSN’s Ryan Richog, Oilers may be interested in Carson Soucy of the Seattle Kraken. He writes, “I still think Susi makes a lot of sense for them. Don’t wonder how the Chiarot deal affected the market, especially for a player who stayed a year on his deal instead of the UFA.”

Carson Sosi, Seattle Kraken
Carson Sosi, Seattle Kraken (Amy Irvine/The Hockey Book)

Rishog also notices That Oilers could check how much it would cost to buy Nick Paul from Ottawa. He writes, “Do you think Nick Paul is a player the Oilers will at least kick the tires on if he doesn’t sign. Great progress with some skill. UFA but this style could be a good fit in the long run, depending on the number.”

The blue jackets are trying so hard to move Domi

Dubbed “Pickup Perfect” Max Domi is likely to trade before Monday’s deadline as the Columbus Blue Jackets team actively tries to distribute it with another team. Serfali said he would be surprised if he was not traded and added that there is a real sense of disappointment surrounding the player, even though his numbers per minute are already very good.

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Domi plays with superior physicality and would be a good fit for a supplement team that needs his style of play. The Washington Capitals team is believed to have some interest here.

Curry price back with Canadians

The Montreal Canadiens have announced that goalkeeper Carrie Price will be returning to his teammates in training. This is not a sign that he is close to returning but Sportsnet’s Eric Engels writes“There is no in-depth analysis of Carey Price’s return to practice and the next step in his knee rehabilitation.”

Jonathan Drouin will also return to the lineup against the Ottawa Senators. Brendan Gallagher will not play with a lower body injury.

Kings are interested in Chychrun, Doughty Out Long-Term

Fourth-period David Bagnotta reports that the Los Angeles Kings are one of the teams interested in Chychrun and pressure to get him has increased after news that Drew Doughty could be out in the long run became a possibility.

Darren Dreger reports that Dottie’s injury is more serious than expected and may waste more time than the Kings originally feared. He wasn’t sure if that would affect his trading deadline plans, but the Kings are at a watering stage and Chychrun will definitely help keep them there.