Reporters False Outrage Over Non-Expansion of College Football Playoff

If you have watched the amazing award winning movie old schoolYou probably remember the scene where Frank the Tank tries to lead a charge.We’re going to highlight!

Late last week, reports were leaked that the College Football Playoff will remain on four teams until at least 2026. Upon hearing this news, college football reporters across the country turned to angry young growlers running naked through the Quad to the gymnasium in protest. . If only they turned around, to see that there was no one behind them.

Several CFB White Knights have taken to Twitter to express our anger at us poor, voiceless fans.

“Finding” the game and the masses seems cliched today. We are very fortunate that our Talking Chiefs are there to protect us.

They talk about patting each other on the back.

“Let’s go! Awesome!”

Anyone feel hurt?

Paul Feinbaum seems very angry. He might want to clean up the sand from Captain America Andrews.

Now that you’ve read the hot articles, read the comments from actual fans. It extends from apathy to annoyance in the other direction. For the most part, the majority of fans seem to want to keep the playoff in four teams, an idea that is overwhelmingly shared by SEC fans.

If there were already fans crying at cornflakes this morning, it’s odd that they’ve already thought about it. Would Baylor have preferred to finish last season after being defeated by Alabama in a playoff? Or maybe winning the Ole Miss at the Sugar Bowl would be a good note to end the season? What’s the best recruiting tool for Michigan State: Get their teeth out of Georgia or beat ACC Champ Pitt at the Peach Bowl? Is anyone (other than auburn) going to hang a banner that reads “CFP Participant!”

So, what are the angles of sports writers on their excessive exasperation? Is more content that leads to an increase in their salary? Is it more opportunity to travel to the big games with limousines, parties, fancy hotels, delicacies, and 50-yard line tickets, all on someone else’s dime? Is it for the “good of the game”? I suspect the answers are ‘yes’, ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

sincere. get in the car.


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