Russell Wilson hooked up with the Broncos and Eagles

Now that the NFL training circuit is over, fans and bettors are turning their attention to the soon-to-be QB circuit. In anticipation of this event, BetMGM has posted lines of support for six different teams, asking which QB will take the first shot in the first week of the regular season.


Murray cleaned up his social media like someone looking for a new job, after the Cardinals lost 34-11 to the Rams. These positions involving the quarterback under contract often ended with that player under position to start the season, prompting the -2000 opening streak at Murray to take Arizona’s first shot of Week 1. Audience Fades No. 9 pick in 2018 though, reversed MLB Draft in over 80% of tickets betting that “any other quarterback” would start for the Cardinals.

Here’s the timeline since the last off-season: Wilson’s camp complained about the ineffectiveness of the offensive line, a list of accepted trade destinations was released in conjunction with reports of Wilson’s misery in Seattle, and Wilson was fit for the regular season as the Seahawks let in a seventh-most sack and finished last The run in the NFC West loaded, and now Wilson is linked with potential deals to the Broncos, Eagles and Commanders. More than 81% of public money is betting that Wilson won’t take the first shot in the first week.

Killer Murray and the Arizona Cardinals were eliminated in the wild card tour by the Los Angeles Rams. (Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY Sports)

free agents

The Broncos have an exceptional youngster running on a junior contract, one of the best receiving teams in the league, a solid defense, and nearly $48 million in cover space. The one piece Denver lacks is a good quarterback. If they could work a deal for Aaron Rodgers or Wilson, they would be immediate contenders in the AFC.

Winston is arguably the best quarterback among the unrestricted Free Agents group of the year. It doesn’t mean much, but the limited performance of a LASIK patient in 2021 spoke out loud. Winston threw 14 touchdowns to just three interceptions before tearing up his ACL in Week 8. Nearly 98% of the public is betting on Winston to re-sign with New Orleans and start in week one. Is it what the saints need, though? Sean Payton is gone and New Orleans has the worst space situation in the NFL. Winston’s signing of a major contract will likely delay the Saints’ rebuilding rather than propel them to the Super Bowl.

New York

Wilson had just as much fun in 2021 as the guy who claimed to have found shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The Jets’ rookie finished the QB’s worst-ranked league, throwing nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 13 games. Only Joe Burrow has been kicked out more times in each competition. It’s too early for New York to give up Wilson without having a look at him behind a decent offensive line.

I’m amazed to have this on the board, especially at such a low price. New York doesn’t have much room to sign a better quarterback, unlikely to draft one you’ll play in the first week, and Jones is more talented than any of the other QB players on the roster. Of all the six props, this is the only one in which at least 50% of the audience bet on the favorite.

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