Saints fans are still raving about Eli Apple, and even the comedian/actor uncle understands why | saints

New Orleans Saints fans will probably never forgive Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple for the way he’s sought after the city and its fans during the post-season, and comedian/actor Michael Blackson says he understands why his nephew is still a target.

Apple decimated New Orleans as the “dirtiest smelliest city and worst food ever” in a Jan. 24 tweet, after saying three hours earlier that he didn’t know which fan base he hated more, saints or giants.

Since then, Saints fans have been finding different ways to make Apple the focus of their jokes on social media.

Apple, who played for Saints for two seasons in 2018-2019, didn’t help himself when he ended up with some tough moments at Super Bowl LVI as the Rams claimed a 23-20 Lombardy Cup win.

It turns out that Apple has another famous person in their family in Blackson, a Ghanaian comedian and actor who moved to the United States in the 1980s. He has appeared on Showtime and Stars as part of comedy specials, and has landed gigs in Coming 2 American and The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2.

during An interview with Shannon Sharp This week, Blackson admitted that he is Apple’s uncle.

Sharp then continued by asking, “How do you feel when they make memes about him?”

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Blackson went on to give an in-depth response, admitting that he doesn’t understand where Apple’s comments came from.

“I told him, ‘We came from a very humble place,'” said Blackson, who traveled to New Orleans to watch his nephew play for the Saints. “We came from Africa with absolutely nothing. To be where we are today is all glory to God. He should be a little more humble than that.”

Blackson said he privately objected to what Apple said about New Orleans.

“My biggest problem with him was all the talking about New Orleans,” Blackson said. “Even Giants, these guys drafted you the tenth choice in general.

“Even when it’s time to leave, you have to show respect. Thank (them) for giving you this opportunity.”

Once again, Blackson is back on Apple’s criticism of New Orleans.

“I particularly didn’t like what he said about New Orleans,” he said. “I have to go to the city for work. Don’t talk any nonsense about any city. These people have given you opportunities.

“I think he learned his lesson from the Super Bowl… He got up there cocky and he did all those things and he (Cooper Kupp) got humiliated.”

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