Seminoles grab second straight loss at Boston College

Florida State loses its second straight game 71-55 to Boston College on the road. While their injury issues had developed their new student faster than they had imagined, it didn’t seem that they could solve the puzzle on the offensive end. FSU fired 21% of three while awarding BC 23 turnover points.

Game player: Cleveland Matthews put the Noles on the back, winning their sixth straight game in double figures at 18 points with eight rebounds.

first half:

Florida State has the Boston College Eagles on the road after losing a blast at Cameron Indoor just two days ago. The Seminoles beat the Eagles in their previous two matches but the exhausted loom didn’t have enough juice to get past the PC’s defense this time around.

Noles started the match with RayQuan Evans, Wyatt Wilkes, Mathew Cleveland, John Butler and Tanor Ngom. While Malik Osborne and Naim MacLeod have been left out for the rest of the season, the Fifa is still hoping to get guards Caleb Mills and Anthony Bullitt for the ACC tournament.

Having missed the previous match against the Blue Devils, Evans started the match with a careless turn and a foul in the first 30 seconds. Eagles goalkeeper Mackay Ashton-Langford fired three in deep to start the game and Braven Galloway followed up with his own hat-trick to give BC a 10-0 lead two minutes into the ball game. FSU coach Leonard Hamilton saw enough, pulling the plug to call his first timeout at 17:37 as the Seminoles attempted just one field goal while giving up four early turnovers.

Wilkes was the first to put Noles on the board with three balls straight from the timeout. The BC defense had the Seminoles’ number, and they were not allowed to reach within an inch of the drawn area. The Eagles led 13-3 after the first media timeout, scoring 10 points from the Seminoles with six turnovers. Galen Warley entered the match soon after, pressed against the B.C. goalkeeper by a full 1-2-2.

Prieto and Fletcher hooked up as well, helping to end a three-minute drought by scoring by making Cleveland open for jumping. Despite this, Noll found themselves on a 19-7 hole with 11:50 left in the first half. They were going through their usual struggles on the offensive end, but on the defensive side, poor contact and lack of defensive assistance hurt the scoreboard.

Fletcher was a bright spot for the loom, leading the team with six points and two steals as they entered the middle of the first half. Justin Leander got into the ball game eight minutes before the end of the game, and the Fifa went into a 1-2-2 defense in the half-court. After a nice theatrical call from Hamilton, Cleveland slammed a Leander ball to take the lead to 15-22, but 20 seconds later Jayden Zachary scored eight straight points to extend the lead.

Neglected turnovers were the story of the first half as Knowles finished 11th with five minutes remaining. Warley drilled three to cut the deficit to 30-22 with 3:40 left. He and the Eagles, Quentin Post, exchanged words in the next match and both had technical errors. But, inactive Florida State player Michael Brown was fired due to the fact that when he got to court he broke up the fight.

Boston College set up within four minutes of a drought and eventually scored a driveway breakout to get back on the board. Both teams maintained their physical position until the end of the half, and the Eagles led 32-24 into the break. FSU maintained a single-digit deficit entering the locker room, despite having 13 first-half turns and shooting 34% from the field.

The Cleveland Seminoles led with 10 points and seven boards while Warley led the team with three assists. Zakhri scored 11 points and shot 3-3 from deep, and Galloway doubled that with eight points for the Eagles.

the other half:

FSU had a physical fight in the first half that caused their three big problems to the freshman straight off the edge. They would focus on sponsoring the basketball on the offensive end, while blocking any entrance to paint in the second half.

After sitting for most of the first inning, Evans went out in the first seven seconds to put three points on the board the old-fashioned way. Despite this, Galloway kept his hot hand early in the second half to push the lead to 35-27. Warley entered the match with 17:48 minutes remaining while Knowles suffered a four-minute dehydration.

Zachary scored four consecutive points to give the Eagles their biggest lead, 41-27. He had 15 points, seven boards and four assists and 15:16 left. Wilkes found Cleveland in a wide open immersion shortly after the timeout expired but BC was able to do exactly the same to extend their lead to 47-35. The Eagles’ heart James Karnick was a perfect 4-4 from the field, scoring nine points from 11 points in the first seven minutes of a second.

Boston College became very comfortable in their court and nothing was going the Seminole way. The Eagles lead 52-35 before 10:30 to the end of the ball match. Noles moved into the match area with Quincy Ballard in the middle but that wasn’t enough to stop Post from scoring again. BC buried three to extend the difference to 57-37 with 8:35 on the clock.

The Seminoles lasted a 5:45 goal drought before Fletcher finally found a net to cut the lead by 60-41. With just under six minutes left in the second half, Noles scored just five field goals while firing 0-8 from three points on the ground. Butler called the ball with a hat-trick with four minutes remaining after his 0-8 shot to start the match.

The Eagles found the bottom of the net after playing to clear the Seminoles in the second half. The seats were cleared for BC with two minutes remaining after they had a season 11 high of making three and 14 spins. Boston College Knowles took 71-55.

Karnick led the Eagles to a much-needed win with a double double, 16 points and 11 rebounds. Zachary scored 18 on his own with eight rebounds and six assists. Cleveland finished with 18 points while Fletcher placed 16 and 5.

Noles now moves to 14-13 in the season with a 7-10 in the conference. They will play three more matches, all of which will be ACC matches in the next two weeks.

Next match: FSU travels to Charlottesville to face the Virginia Cavaliers this Saturday at 4:00 ET. The Cleveland team is currently 17-10 in season and 11-6 in multiplayer. The game will be shown on ACCN.