Seth Curry’s big match in turn shows how important he is to the Nets

When an injured Seth Curry had to sit on the bench and watch alongside everyone else Kevin Durant had a double and even a triplex team it was a stark lesson in how other NBA teams can – and should – play the net when Curry is far from Earth .

Curry’s winning return Friday night underlined his importance through the rest of the season. He drove that point home with every point he scored in the Nets’ win over the Trail Blazers at the Barclays Center.

“Watching the last few matches, the way they guard it [Durant]“Send two or three people to him no matter where he is on Earth,” Curry said. “My job is to step on the floor, be aggressive, and hit. Like I said, just try to make room for him, and make the game easier for him. Just keep the game simple.”

“You shouldn’t be able to run two or three players in the whole match without having to pay for it. We’ve done a good job taking advantage of it. [Friday]. “

Seth Carrey
NBAE via Getty Images

Curry returned on Friday after sitting out the previous three games with a left ankle injury he will likely deal with all season. And when the Mavericks were on Wednesday, they took full advantage of both Kerry Irving, who is unvaccinated and unavailable at home, and Curry’s sidelines.

Durant faced constant doubles any time he got the ball across half of the field, occasionally being attacked by a third defender. The result was a Nets loss as a frustrated Durant was suspended 40.0 percent, the worst since November 30.

On his return on Friday, Curry confirmed that it never happened again.

The most accurate three-pointer shooter in the NBA, Curry’s earthly charisma made sure the Trail Blazers couldn’t double Durant with impunity. And Carrie punished them when they did.

In his strongest performance as Net, Curry earned 27 points in a 9-for-14 shootout season, including 7 for 11 from behind the arc.

“He was huge … he had 27, 9 for 14, effective from all angles on the floor,” Durant said. “We needed that, and it was nice to see him again there. I missed a few games with that ankle, but I’m glad it’s getting better and him being able to get out here and play. And we needed all those points.”

The same can be said since the Nets acquired Curry from Philadelphia on the February 10 trading deadline. Since then his 50+ streak has since been tracking Durant and Irving on the net only.

It’s unclear if Ben Simmons, the centerpiece of the deal with the 76ers, will ever fit in the regular season. But Curry averages 16.8 points with the nets, hitting 47.6 percent out of a 3-point range.

“He’s just a good player in the NBA,” said coach Steve Nash. “He is an elite shooter who can hit the recoil, he can handle pick-and-roll, he has a high IQ. He adds a lot to our team. Obviously we needed all his points.”

Curry’s career .4392 percent of depth is the third-best player of all time, and only outclassed injured teammate Joe Harris (.4390) for best among all active players. This kind of spacing of elite members alters the nets’ attack when playing.

Without Curry on the floor, the Nets entered Saturday with an offensive rating (113.5) that was tied for seventh in the league and an effective field goal ratio (.533) tied for 13. Their scores were 119.3 and .567 with Curry playing both as runaway leaders.

Curry is under contract for $8.6 million next season, and is eligible for an extension, so it’s hard to overstate how important he is to the Nets at the moment.

With Irving only eligible for three more games this regular season, keeping Curry grounded is even more vital. Although he’s struggled with ankle pain since before arriving in Brooklyn, and clocked 38 minutes on Friday, Curry insisted he could swing.

“I was dealing with it probably a month before the trade. It’s been a long time. It’s something I will have to manage and deal with until the end of the season,” Curry said. “It’s not something that will go away. As long as it doesn’t get worse, I should be good.”