Shaq lets go of his great common ground with Tony Montana

A cult figure in world cinematography, Tony Montana influenced an entire generation after the release of the film. Scarface. Among those who were inspired by the adventures of the Cuban immigrant in the land of Uncle Sam? A certain Shaquille O’Neal, who revealed his uncanny resemblance to the charismatic drug lord played by Al Pacino.

yes the movies Scarface Didn’t have an immediate international following when it was released in the 1980s, Brian De Palma’s work has become a cult following over time. Now a staple, the film has influenced countless rappers, athletes, and personalities, including Shaquille O’Neal. We reassure you from the beginning: nothing to do with drugs, a central element of Tony Montana’s empire.

On the other hand, like the character played by the immense Al Pacino, the Shaq cooked up mountains of money in his heyday, and had to manage the entourage that came with it. Because like many NBA players, Big Cactus regularly traveled with his “entourage,” that is, his group of close friends whom he entertained every day.

Shaq confesses his admiration for Tony Montana, and their common point

In his book “Shaq Talks Back”, the Hall of Fame member evokes this crew so precious to him, and reveals Tony Montana’s influence on him and his boys:

I admit it, I let some of my friends use me to achieve what they wanted to do in life. I told them, “When it’s over, it’s over. So I want you to make a lot of money, meet people I know who will give you great opportunities.” If they wanted to start a business, I helped them.

Trust them, because you can’t have people around you that put your empire at risk. And that, my boys would never have done. Most of them have a tattoo with the initials “TWISM”, for “The world is mine”. It may sound silly, but it’s an idea I had after watching Scarface when he was in college. Tony Montana had a large globe with the message “The world is yours.” It is in reference to that.

“The world is yours”, literally “the world belongs to you”, is obviously one of the cult catchphrases of the movie, if not the cult catchphrase. Before immortalizing him on a globe in his sprawling mansion, Tony Montana first sees him as he seizes power in the Miami underworld, spelled out in a blimp that zips through the sky before his eyes. A legendary sequence:

Tony Montana’s influence on Shaquille O’Neal and his crew was such that a tattoo immortalizes the fictional Cuban character in the skin of the Diesel clique. Fortunately, Diesel ran (and continues to run) his empire better than Scarface’s hero.