SKIMS Swim is better than Kylie Swim, say TikTok reviewers

  • Some TikTokers say that Kim Kardashian’s new swimming line is of better quality than Kylie Jenner’s.
  • SKIMS Swim was launched on March 18th. The collection includes one-piece, two-piece pieces and covers.
  • One reviewer said he thought Kardashian had “taken notes” from Kylie Swim, a poorly rated Jenner.

Kylie Jenner’s swimsuit line has been criticized for not being worn by some TikTok reviewers when it was released in September 2021.

Now that Kim Kardashian’s swimsuit collection is out, some believe that the founder of SKIMS has “taken notes” of the criticism Jenner has faced for providing better quality products.

Kardashian debuted SKIMS Swim on March 18th. The collection includes one-piece pieces, priced between $ 88 and $ 108, two pieces sold separately for $ 32 to $ 58, and skirts for $ 54 to $ 78. Many items are out of stock or out of stock at the time of writing.

Kardashian West at the SKIMS SWIM Miami pop-up store on March 19th.

Kim Kardashian at the SKIMS Swim Miami pop-up store on March 19, 2021.

J. Lee / Getty Images for ABA

The price of the items is comparable to the Kylie Swim range from Jenner, which includes swimwear between 80 and 85 USD, bikini at 45 USD, sarong at 45 USD and swimwear for children at 60 USD.

However, shortly after Kylie Swim’s debut, negative reviews began to appear on TikTok – most referring to the quality of Jenner’s new line, which some said had uneven seams and transparent material.

Some of the same reviewers say they prefer Kardashian’s line. (Representatives Kylie Swim and SKIMS Swim did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.)

TikTok reviewer and swimwear brand owner says SKIMS offers better quality and coverage

Jessica Anderson (@tinytello on TikTok, where she has over 492,000 followers) uploaded a three-part review of several SKIMS Swim styles on March 23rd. Anderson owns the 93 Play Street swimsuit brand and told Insider that he prefers Kylie Swim’s SKIMS line. .

In September, Anderson reviewed articles from Jenner’s line in a two-part TikTok series, which has a total of 8.4 million views. She thought coverage was a special issue with the brand’s swimsuit in August, saying that “moving an inch” would not be enough coverage.

Anderson told Insider that her experience with SKIMS was the other way around.

In the first video in her SKIMS review, which has over 5.5 million views at the time of writing, Anderson tried on a long-sleeved swimsuit. Opening the box in which she arrived, she praised the space-efficient SKIMS packaging and was impressed by the material of the swimsuit as well as the covering of her legs.

“This is probably one of the best things I’ve ever received from SKIMS,” she said of the same swimsuit in the second video she posted. Anderson then tried on two more swimsuits, this time sleeveless, which she was also impressed with.

In the third video, Anderson tried on shorts and a jumpsuit, though he said they weren’t for her.

Although Anderson is not a big fan of SKIMS swimwear style, she told Insider that it comes down to personal preference.

However, her experience with Kardashian’s line was better than with Kylie Swim.

“The quality is completely different,” she said, referring to the SKIMS items she tried. “The little details they added here are so cute and they have a good foot covering.”

For Anderson, the notable differences with SKIMS included the double lining of the swimsuits (which prevents transparency), a better design and, in her opinion, fair prices.

Another reviewer says SKIMS is “more wearable”

Store owner Laura Lee (or @ laura88lee on TikTok, where she has over 620,000 followers) shared an Insider-like review via email.

She previously posted a review of Kylie Swim on TikTok in September. In her video, which has over 2.4 million views, she said she will not wear the swimsuit she bought from Kylie Swim anywhere. Like Anderson, he thought coverage was an issue.

Lee shared a more positive review of SKIMS Swim on YouTube on March 26th. At the time of writing, the video – which features a series of articles from Kardashian’s line – has over 200,000 views.

“Kim’s swimsuit line is much more wearable,” Lee told Insider.

“For me personally, not every song is very flattering,” Lee added. “But I think there are a lot of different parts that are flattering to different body types.”

Both Lee and Anderson said criticism of Kylie Swim could have motivated Kardashian to make sure her collection is up to standard.

Anderson said he expected Kardashian to “change some things” after negative reviews by Kylie Swim.

“He certainly took notes,” Lee said. “I think every swimsuit company has taken notes.”