Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Reaches $ 6.25 Million in Previews – Deadline

UPDATED: Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 grossed $ 6.25 million in previews from fans’ screenings on Wednesday and Thursday at 3 p.m. The film is expected to earn $ 50 million north this weekend. Universal Content / Endeavor Ambulance doesn’t look great with $ 700,000 in previews at 2,800 theaters starting at 7 p.m.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2His Thursday was $ 5 million, or 66%, higher than Thursday’s $ 3 million preview of the original 2020 film, which began at 5 p.m. The film had an opening day of $ 20.9 million, of which previews accounted for only 14% and three of $ 58 million. -day and 70 million dollars on a four-day weekend before reaching 148.9 million dollars. The film’s footsteps were indeed affected by the onset of the pandemic and the closure of the nationwide exhibition.

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Referring to Ambulance, the good news is that it’s double the number of previews of Universal’s previous action 355, which made $ 350,000 at 2,300 theaters starting Thursday at 7 p.m. The irony here with Ambulance is that it is the best reviewed film of the career of director Michael Bay – related to Stone, which was also 68% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes – but the film won’t reach double digits in the opening.

The logical question is why this was not sent to Peacock, day in and day out. I understand that Universal wanted to be in the Bay business and made a negative raise here from Endeavor Content, which funded the image with Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza González for an estimated $ 40 million. The only right of praise for Universal is that Ambulance it was cheap. Following the disastrous result of the $ 20 million film at the foreign box office in 59 territories, Uni is already facing the reality that this vehicle is broken.

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Jared Leto in Morbius
Sony Pictures

Among the regular movies in the launch, Sony Morbid made $ 1.3 million on Thursday, ending the week with about $ 46.9 million. Jared Leto Spider Man The spinoff is expected to drop by 65% ​​in Weekend 2, given its gender nature. Paramount’s The lost city made $ 1.1 million, -8% on Wednesday, for the second week estimated at $ 19.9 million and a two-week total of $ 59.7 million. Warner Bros. ‘ Batman made $ 745,000, -7% on Wednesday ended its fifth week with $ 14.3 million and a current total of $ 352.5 million. from Sony Unexplored, undiscovered, unfamiliar made $ 303,000 on Thursday in the week for a week ending at $ 5M and a current total of $ 140.3M.

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Michelle Yeoh in

Michelle Yeoh (center) in “Everything Everywhere All Once”

In the meantime, the A24 Everything Everywhere is the little engine that could. Michelle Yeoh earned $ 113,000 in the current 38 locations in Week 2 and another $ 530,000 in previews (all for $ 643,000 on Thursday) as it expanded to 1,200 theaters, bringing the film’s total to $ 2.8 million. This is a very promising result for specialist cinemas.

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The 25th anniversary of Jennifer Lopez selenite from Iconic ranked fifth on Thursday, with an estimated $ 216,000 in 308 locations, I heard. This is not a one night stand, but it will continue in the coming weeks.